Speak Out 11/3/11

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Looks and earnings

PLEASE try your best to be good-looking. Over a lifetime, good-looking U.S. workers earn an average of about $230,000 more than ugly ones.

Jackson schools

EVERY two to three years, we teachers here in Jackson are told by our administrators about some new initiative. The administrators have already spent thousands of dollars going to a conference; they have already lined up speakers and programs for our staff development days; and we know this will be their passion for the next two to three years. We spend tens of thousands of dollars for workshop presenters and to buy their books and materials. We spend countless hours discussing and implementing their program. All the while, we know that it's a short-lived situation.


I would like to report the streetlights out on Broadview in Cape Girardeau that have been out since May. I have called and reported it twice and they still haven't been repaired. The numbers are PW033, PW036, PW037, PW038. I am surprised that the business owners on Broadview haven't complained about this. I walk that street in the mornings before daylight and it's awfully dark.

KFVS12 team

I would like to pay a compliment to the KFVS12 team for doing such a great job. Jim Burns and Lauren Keith and Bob Reeves and the rest of the gang do an excellent job. I believe we have a better storm team and news team than we've ever had at KFVS. Just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the good work.

Africa war

I want to comment about the person who called in and said that this little war that we are in now over in Africa, that the Christians are calling themselves Christians but really they are murderers. This is not true. This person is either ignorant or lying and is probably an Obama supporter. He ought to join up and go over there and see what it is like.

New dorm

LET me see if I got this right. The new dorm that is going to be built at SEMO is going to cost $93,500 per bed. Wish I could get a deal like that.

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