Speak Out 10/30/11

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thank you

I would like to thank St. Vincent's Grade School here in Cape Girardeau for hosting the junior high volleyball tournament for the girls. There were some excellent games played. It seems that all the teams were evenly matched. It was an excellent tournament.

Cardinals baseball

THE Cardinals provided us with great theater this summer and fall. But in the end, that's all it was, entertainment. When the final out was made, Albert, Yadi, Matt and Lance and the boys showered and went home. Carpenter will go fishing in Brazil. It's been a fun summer, but don't get too attached. There are so many more important things to turn our attention to.

Obama vs. Romney

CAN someone help me out? I looked up the definition of Romneycare and it said, "See ObamaCare." But when I looked up the definition of ObamaCare, it said, "See Romneycare."

Jensen column

JOURNALIST Mike Jensen recently wrote that there was bipartisan opposition to President Obama's proposed jobs bill. The overwhelming opposition comes from Republicans in Congress whose self-proclaimed No. 1 priority is to make President Obama a one-term president, regardless of the impact on the American people. Speaking of the American people, an overwhelming majority of them support the president's jobs bill. Their support for Congress is at a historic low and isn't propped up even by Jensen's eye-popping juggling act.

Bicycle license

PEOPLE want bicycle riders to get a license? Are you serious? What about the scooters that ride around Cape Girardeau zipping in and out of traffic? Are you OK with them not having a license or insurance? I think maybe you just don't like the fact that people want to exercise and be physically active.

Bloomfield road

HOW much will you people complain about Bloomfield Road when it opens and becomes a racetrack? It was such a beautiful short drive, so don't complain when speeding is the norm on this stretch of road. Some of you may even get a ticket. Your type is always in a hurry. Remember the lyrics to a song, "Slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the morning last."

Farm dust

SOMEONE said we should keep our nose out of issues related to farm dust. It's very difficult because it's everywhere.

Church attire

TO the person offended by casual wear in church, you might want to read what Jesus had to say about the Pharisees and their outer posturing and their snobbery toward those who didn't act like them. Then look at who Jesus chose to spend time with -- the riffraff and, almost surely, the less well-dressed.

Removing graffiti

REMOVING the remaining graffiti from the vandalized monument by sandblasting will work, but to do much less scarring of the surface, baking soda blasting is the best way. Sand opens the surface, subjecting it to water freezing, thus quicker deterioration will occur.

Other tests

IF you are going to drug test the poor, test everybody. Then on top of that if you are going do drug tests, do it for alcohol and cigarettes also. Those are both drugs.

Deer problem

REGARDING the deer problem in Cape Girardeau, we do live in the city and not out in the country. We do not need wild animals jumping off fences, eating every one of our tomatoes. Along with the tomatoes, the deer also ate all my flowers, even the roses off my new rose bush. You people that do not want the bow hunting, just what do you suggest we do? We have done everything we know of to get them out of our yards with the sprays, and I'll venture to say you haven't been bothered by these wild deer. I hope the City of Cape Girardeau does something.

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