Club news 10/30/11

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Town and Country FCE

Town and Country FCE Club met Oct. 13, at the home of Darlene McCain, president, who presided. She gave the devotion titled "Seasonal Change" and "Indian Summer."

Pennies for "Coins for Friendship" were collected. Mary Klaproth and Sue Jones reported on attending the 75th Diamond Jubilee MAFCE 2011 annual conference Sept. 28 through 30 in Springfield, Mo. Linda Thompson, Klaproth and McCain reported on attending the FCE Southeast District Fall meeting Oct. 4 in Poplar Bluff, Mo.

In observance of national FCE Week Oct. 9 through 15, a crepe myrtle tree was planted at the University of Missouri Extension Center in Jackson; the club's fair booth was displayed in Ross Furniture Store window; and members attended First Baptist Church in Jackson as a group.

Halloween treat bags were assembled for Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center and to be delivered Oct. 26.

Klaproth reported on assisting in the County Weighted Blankets workday Oct. 12. Members continue to bring clothing articles for the Elks Club Christmas baskets. Christmas cards were collected for military mailing. Plans were discussed for the club being hostess to the Christmas FCE Council meeting Dec. 1.

McCain presented the program on low-calorie meals program and Hearth Fire Series No. 27 on "Someone's in the USA Saying -- Show Me the Power of Healing Foods" assisted by all members.

Oak Ridge FCE

The Oak Ridge FCE held their annual family picnic at the home of Marilyn Retherford Sept. 20 with 10 members present. The club also celebrated its 95 years as a club as cake was served for the occasion.

The secretary and treasurer were unable to attend the meeting.

The report on the quarterly council meeting Sept. 1 was given by Jean Rehak.

The Oak Ridge FCE Club voted that officers will remain the same until September 2012.

A report was given by Betty Dellinger on the lunch stand at two auctions with monies raised to be used to buy items for the Christmas giveaways in December.

Rehak gave a report on the SEMO District Fair booth.

Coins for Friendship were collected and given to Lee Anderson.

A program on "Doing Something with Green Bags" was given by Dellinger.

Military mail was discussed and must be turned into Retherford by the Nov. 15 meeting.

It was announced that Egypt, its history and customs will be studied in 2012.

Rehak opened the meeting on Oct, 18 with pledges to our Flags and singing "This Land is Your Land" with 11 members and two guests present. Billie Criddle was hostess.

Nelda Crader, secretary, was unable to attend the meeting. The report was given by Barbara Barks, and Criddle, treasurer, read her report. Both were approved.

The devotion was given by Ruby Hitt --"Old Age Is Always 15 Years Older Than I Am" by Randy Voorhees and quotes from "Secrets from Inner Peace."

A report was given by Dellinger on the club's food stand from Oct. 1.

Plans were made for the annual Thanksgiving meeting with a meal to be held on Nov. 15 at the home of Barbara Popp. Retherford gave out certificates to members who sent Christmas cards to U.S. military personnel. She also showed a certificate that the Oak Ridge FCE Club placed third in Missouri in sending card to service individuals. Retherford also reported Oak Ridge FCE won first place at state level for 2010 Golden Bookmark Award. This coming year the Missouri statewide essay contest for fourth-grade students will be on citizenship. All materials have been delivered to Cape Girardeau County schools.

Rehak gave a report on the FCE District meeting held Oct. 4 in Poplar Bluff.

Coins for Friendship were collected and given to Lee Anderson.

Rehak reported Oak Ridge FCE won $50 for the SEMO District Fair booth in September.

Teresa Dixon Birk was guest speaker. She talked about the "Project Canaan" and "Heart of Africa" programs where a baby and medical facility is being built in Swaziland, Africa. The Oak Ridge FCE Club made this its project for October.

Lamplighters FCE

Lamplighters FCE met in the home of Sharon Bogenpohl for their October meeting. President Karen McLane called the meeting to order. Bogenpohl led the group in singing the Club Collect. A devotional thought entitled "Take time to really see" was given by the hostess. The meeting's roll call was "Where are my ancestors buried?"

Drew Blattner, an employee with the Cape Girardeau County Archive Center, was a guest and gave an interesting and informative program on cemetery genealogy.

SEMO District Fair Booth was displayed, dismantled, and the club has received $50 for the display.

Jo Ann Hahs reported on the State MAFCE Meeting held in Springfield, Mo., Sept. 28 to 30. The Community Successful Report she submitted was awarded first place, as well as the tri-fold she made for Cape Girardeau County. It also received the People's Choice Award.

Members reported that their reading to classes at Oak Ridge Elementary School went well.

Comments regarding the fall district FCE meeting in Poplar Bluff, Mo., were given by Verla Mangels, Teresa Hinkebein, and McLane.

Autism weighted item workshop on Oct. 12 was attended by four Lamplighter's members. Eight blankets and three lap pads were made that day. Mary Klaproth, Town and Country FCE, and Hahs delivered them to TouchPoint on Oct. 13.

Linda Sebaugh, Bert Seyer, and Hinkebein will prepare items for the Cape County Park Christmas lights display.

Gayla Volz volunteered to install the officers for the 2012 Club Year.

Volz shared her surprise and happiness after receiving an answer to a letter, sent in January 2011, from her 1960s Associated County Women of the World Pen Pal in England. The correspondence faded over time, but the January letter has sparked a renewed friendship with Avril Moore.

Bev Meyer and Mangels shared their experience at the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the New York Mets ballgame on Sept. 22.

Six members and spouses/guest reported a great time at Marthasville, Mo., Deutsch Country Days. They were especially fascinated with the Kloppelei (Germany Bobbin Lace).

Members were informed that the "Taste of Home" Cooking School would be held Nov. 30 at the Osage Centre.

Roberta Allen presented a program on sexting and cyberbullying based on information obtained from the HearthFire Series. She reinforced the seriousness of this scene from today's society.

The next meeting will be Nov. 17 at home of Dorothy Hahs. The program will include food safety and everyone sharing "Food for Thought." Roll call will be a brown-bagged homemade item exchange.

-- From staff reports

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