Speak Out 10/27/11

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rebuilding levee

HERE is a big thank you to Gov. Jay Nixon for supporting the rebuilding of the levee. He is finding $2 million in state money to help get the levee rebuilt. It won't be up to full size, but at least it's getting there. Now, after he gets the money in, I want the state legislature to pass a law that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will not be allowed to blow up something that was funded by the state of Missouri.

Church clothing

TO the Speak Out contributor who is offended by casual clothing in church: Shouldn't you be more concerned about showing compassion and fellowship to your fellow churchgoers and less concerned about what they are wearing? I think God is much more concerned about what is in a person's heart than the clothes he wears. Have you considered that not everyone owns dressy clothes, or that being comfortable in church gets people there who wouldn't otherwise go? Stop being judgmental and keep your focus on the worship that you are there for.

Dust comment

TO the caller who sides with the EPA on farming dust: Statements like this just go to show how people who aren't in the industry should keep their nose out of it. Every statement you suggested can't be done aside from not burning fields. Fields and crops cannot be worked in the rain, which is why farmers don't work in the rain. The stubble from crops cannot be just "smashed" into the ground. That is soil compaction. The EPA is killing jobs in America due to their regulations, which is why businesses are moving to other countries to avoid the hassle and costs of complying. Let farmers quit working due to regulations and see how low your food prices get.

Bloomfield Road

I'M thinking about starting an Occupy Bloomfield Road protest. Eight months of road closure to widen what doesn't look to be a half of a mile? For hundreds of us who live on and travel Bloomfield Road daily, this has been a huge inconvenience that should have been fast-tracked, or another alternative, such as keeping one lane open with a traffic light on either end, should have been offered.

Post office pink

IN response to the person commenting about the Jackson post office's priorities, the front of the post office was decorated in pink in support of Pink Up Jackson, the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and in memory of a postal clerk and loved ones who have died because of breast cancer. The posts are not painted, but wrapped in pink. No Postal Service funds were used for this.

Mall playground

MY children and I are very saddened by the disappearance of the playground in the mall. I certainly hope that the mall owners or even a major donor will put a new and better one in the mall. When the weather is too hot or too cold, it's a great place to take your children and let them run off some energy.

Session costs?

HOW much did the failed session of the Missouri General Assembly cost taxpayers?

Thrown out of Iraq

IN regard to Obama's withdrawal of troops from Iraq, I think this is a great thing. However, Obama wanted to leave about 7,000 troops, but the Iraqi government said no. So we're not getting out because we want to. We're getting thrown out.

Jobs available

THE reason most people are unemployed in America is because they're not looking for a job. Some would much rather draw unemployment for three years. Jobs are out there if you want them. Don't blame the rich, blame yourselves.

Give Obama credit

ALL of your knee jerk, right-wing ideological columnists are ignoring yet another major foreign policy triumph by the Obama administration. I thought some of them would at least mention it and give the president the credit he deserves, as did, say, U.S. Sen. John McCain.

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