Speak Out 10/17/11

Monday, October 17, 2011


I would like to make a comment about the protesters up in New York protecting against Wall Street. Why aren't they protesting the banks? It was Barack Obama that gave the money to the banks, not Wall Street.

Planning retirement

FOR the senior citizen who hasn't had a raise in his or her Social Security benefits in three years, all I can say is that at least you're getting benefits. I've been paying in since I was 16, but I highly doubt I'll draw a thing. But I've planned accordingly, remembering that Social Security is only intended to be a supplement. I do without lots of luxuries that other friends have so that I'll be able to support myself as long as possible. Did you do the same thing? Or are you expecting the government to pay you far and above what you ever contributed or could have earned with interest included? If so, that's your own fault.

Corporate taxes

IN 1961, the percentage of profits paid in taxes by American corporations was 40.6 percent. Today it is 10.5 percent. Thus, just one reason for the outrage of the people as expressed in the Occupy Wall Street movement that is spreading across the nation.

Political flop

BIGGEST political flop of the year? Rick Perry.

Esquire theater

IF the Esquire Theater reopens and shows avant-garde, perhaps foreign films, it will destroy our reputation as a red meat enclave of Rush Limbaugh reactionary radicalism.

Jensen column

KUDOS to cagey, crafty columnist Mike Jensen for his honesty. Jensen drew a crystal clear distinction between sincere and insincere protests. In essence, Mr. Jensen waxed eloquent on making it clear that insincere protests are those with which he doesn't agree or like.

Central GSA

I recently received word that Central High School is approving a Gay Straight Alliance and couldn't be prouder. In such a conservative town, it's nice to see that the school and its students are being inclusive and taking action to prevent teen suicides by forming this club. When the students see that their leaders and mentors foster an inclusive environment, it will hopefully prevent bullying and other torment that I faced as a youngster. Way to go Central High.

No accountability

MIKE Jensen seems a bit confused about why the thousands of demonstrators are occupying Wall Street. Just to clarify, Wall Street wrecked our economy, destroying more than 20 percent of the wealth the middle class accumulated over the last 200 years, then got "bailed out" by taxpayers. No one was held accountable. Twenty-four million jobless; 50 million with no health insurance; 47 million need help just to eat; 15 million owe more on their homes than they are worth. Still no regulation and no one held accountable.


I think it's about time that the public rallies together and does something about these AmerenUE prices. They are completely out of sight, with the other agencies not charging nearly as much.

Smoking parents

I was sitting at a stoplight in Cape Girardeau and next to me was a family with three small children just sitting in the back, one in a car seat and the other two were about 1 and 3 years old and all over the back seat. The parents were sitting there smoking with all the windows up. If that's not child endangerment then I don't know what is.

Political calls

IT'S starting already. The political candidates are bothering me on my personal phone, which I use for my home. My family and I don't appreciate it one bit. You are not getting my vote.

Be nice

TO the person who was so harsh and judgmental about the look of Cheryl Underwood on the talk show, you sound like a judgmental boy, and that is not an attractive trait in you. You need to examine yourself and be a little kinder to others.

Monument vandalism

I'M sorry to see the vandalism that was done to the CSA monument downtown. Shame on whomever did that, and I certainly hope they catch them. What I would like to ask them is if your neighbor had the rebel flag hanging in the back of his pickup, would you smash his window to destroy that flag? Think about it.

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