Tax liens

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cape Girardeau County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Scott R. Clark, recorder of deeds, during September are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 243-8123.


Gaston, Donald R., IRS

Gaston, Donald R.

Hutson, James and Melody, IRS

Hutson, James G., IRS

Hathaway, Shannon L., IRS (2)

Academy of Dancearts Inc., IRS

Macke, Victor S., IRS

Macke, Victor

Schwettman, Carolyn J. and Jimmie D., IRS

Dudley, Robert W., IRS

Dudley, Joanne I., IRS

Anderson, Sharon K.

Jones, Ada J. and Willie C.

Myers, Julious A. Jr.

Reddin, Darryl

Reeves, John and Michelle

Ward, James A.

BGC Enterprises

Buck, Patrick L.

Buck, Tamara Z.

Collins, Justin

Edge Media

Fullenwider, James E.

Lodo LLC

Mitchell, Gordon C. (3)

Decker, Alicia C. and Mark A.

Henry, Andrail W.

Latham, David S.

McCoy, Gerald A. and Paula J.

Reed, Constance

Sanders, Freddie L.

Talley, Hunter M.

Thomas, Daniel L.

Willis, Howard L. Jr. and Rautee H.

Cardinal Cement Finishing Inc.

Martin, Ronald L.

Bolen, Mary A.

Burnell, Brian A.

Craft, Dennis

AMPD Mobile Inc.

Delta Lube & Tire

Dinkens, Suzanne

Lantz, Todd H.

Lantz, Vicki L. (2)

Moscatello, James

Rubbermaid Home Products

Solar Control Mobile

Allen, Kerry A.

Anderson, Mary J.

Behring, Dorothy I. and Richard A.

Cantwell, Corey J.

Cecil, Crystal M. and Timothy L.

Davis, Earl L. and Stillwell, Cori R.

Ford, Virginia K.

Frazier, Daniel M.

Gross, Richard M. and Sheila D.

Maloney, Gwen C.

Prater, Derek A.

Price, Peggy J.

Robinson, Thomas W.

Roth, Timothy and Sessing, Elizabeth S.

Seabaugh, Adam R.

Taylor, Laura A.

ASAAT Preschool

B Tan Tanning Salon Inc.

Brown, Eric

BW & VW Retail Holding Co.

Classroom Connect

Demopoulos, Autumn

Hinkebein, Karlios J.

Ibes of America Inc.

Kellum, Felicia

Key Largo Co.

McClanahan, Randall C.

Midwest Entities

Schott & Associates

Schott & Co.

Southeast Missouri Dental

Starnes, Terry P. II

Stroders Neon Inc.

Bennett, Earl E.


Colonial Pacific Leasing Corp.

Conrad, Neil L.

Data Business Systems Inc.

Haggerty, John T.

Pryor, Yulanda F.

United States Aluminum Corp. Texas

Blackman, Mary D. and Stephen K.

Bure, Anthony M.

Cooper, Erica D. and J.J.

Elbrecht, Jason P.

Francis, Christopher S.

Gresham, Gila

Johnson, Amie and Dustin W.

Johnson, Otis T.

Luker, Debra A. and Edward E.

Roth, Michael

Wren, Margaret J. and Robert C.

Young, Terry R.

Brown, Jodie L.

Calvert, Emma L.

Illers, Donna

Jackson Diner Inc.

KMills Construction Inc.

Progressive Dental Expressions

Rapp, Todd M.

Rhema Word Breakthrough International Ministries

Seilo Inc.

Storder, Daniel E.

Century Mortgage & Finance

Seabaugh, Charles E.

Smith, Roger A.

Rightchoice Managed Care Inc.


Seabaugh Enterprises Inc., IRS

Seabaugh Enterprises Inc. and Seabaugh's Auto Repair and Wrecker Service, IRS

Precision Painting Inc., IRS

Hahs, Jeffrey L. and JLH Construction, IRS

Cass, Clayton L. (2)

Bohl, Sarah S.

Spacenet Inc. (2)

Campbell, Randall L.

Mackey, John M.

Weaver, Kim S. and Lisa A.

Williams, Robert D.

Slinkard, Stacy

ASAAT Preschool (2)

Buckner, Anita M. (3)

Christain, Becky J.

Christain, David E.

Goodpasture, Nina K.

Goodpasture, Jonathan C.

National Institute of Pest Management Inc.

Vanco Direct USA Inc.

Davey, Sherry

Cheekwood Studios Inc.

Cunningham, John

Petzoldt, Debra D.

Pop a Lock of Cape Girardeau

Solar Control Mobile

Bolen, Jess R. Jr.

Mungle, Patricia M.

Woodney, Lori L.

Dawidowicz, Eloise

Golden, Leeann N.

Majors, Christopher

Robins, Donnie R.

St. Charles, Michael B. and Sally M.

Illers, Donna

Kellum, Felicia

Casa Mexicana Inc.

Phiffer, Tamika

Stroders Neon Inc.

Scott County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tara L. Mason, recorder of deeds, during September are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 545-3551.


A Plus Inc.

AMPD Mobile Inc.

Boden, Jamie M.

Bootheel Living Services

Bradley, Gordon W.

Cagle, Charlton G. and Mary E.

Cathey, Darlene (deceased)

Collins, Jeffrey R.

Copeland, Deirdre A.

Dannenmueller, Judith A.

Davidson, James A.

Easley, Lisa

Essentially Yours Industries Inc.

Estes, Billy L.

Raburn Evans Glass Service Inc.

Raburn Evans Glass Service Inc., IRS

Family First Medical Center

Fox, Sherry L.

Gater, Jethro

Gibbs, Glenda D.

Goodman, Wayne R. and Tonya M.

Gwin, James E. and Alberta L., IRS

Hamm, Christopher

Hamra, Stephen D.

Harden, Tony A. and Felecia

Hatton, Marvin D.

Haynes, Kenneth N.

Ingram, Timothy Q., IRS

Irions, Patricia K.

J and K Talley Inc. (2)

JMC Buildings Inc.

Johnson Matthews Co.

Johnson, Albert and Mary

Jordan, Alfonzo and Dedrie J.

Kelso, Shannon W. and Jacquelyn D.

Kerby, Andrew G.

Kilmer, Amye

Kirk, Randy J. and Sherry D.

Knight, Bobby E. Jr.

Landewee, David

Laubach, Terrie L.

Lemons, Melvin L.

Little, Eugene Jr.

McBride, Barry

McKinley, Bryan C.

Mid America Outdoor Equipment LLC

Mid State Carriers Inc.

Midwest Acoustics and Drywall

Nabors, Lee and Mayola F.

Parr, Kerry L. and Shlanda G.

Perkins, Johnie M.

Peters, Robert M. (2)

Peters, Vicki L.

Phrampus, Gregory W.

R and R Enterprises of Sikeston

Rataj, Leigh A.

Reed, Mary A.

Riddell, John and Rebecca A.

Riverport Terminals Inc.

RMS Charleston Inc.

Robinson, Willie

Sauceda, Miranda D.

Siebert, Corey D.

Sikeston Area Country Club

Stevenson, Charles E. and Shirley M.

Thatch, Margaret

Thomas, Joseph S.

Thompson, Clarence R. and Nichole

Trum Tank Service Inc.

Turner, Alphonzo

United Ridge Farms Inc.

United States Aluminum Corp. Texas

Walters, Robert

Wilcutt, Roy M.

Wilson, Lola


Adkisson, Peggy S.

Angel Wings Express LLC (4)

Arbor Place of Festus Inc. (3)

Below, James J.

Bootheel Excavation Inc. (2)

Brown, Michelle et al, IRS

Buckner, Anita M. (3)

Cash Box et al, IRS

Causey Lawn Service Inc.

First Choice Healthcare LLC (6)

Freed, Charles M.

Gill, Lakesha R.

Green, Jim S., P.C., IRS

Johnson, Summer K.

Lambert, April K. and Robert J.

Mid America Outdoor Equipment LLC

Nanney, Martin, IRS

Robinson, Bennell

Spacenet Inc. (2)

Steger, Shelby L., IRS

Talley, James B. and Kelly A., IRS (4 partial releases)

Victorian Cafe Inc.

White, Connie D.

Wood, Aaron, IRS (3 partial releases)

Stoddard County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Kay Asbell, recorder of deeds, during September are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 568-3444.


Watkins and Sons Funeral Services, IRS

Watkins and Sons Funeral Services Inc.

Robertson, Julia A.

Shea, Dennis J.

Bohannon Enterprises

Hamra, Stephen D.

Jones Building Inc.

McGowan, Deborah

Peters, Robert M. (2)

Sauceda, Miranda D.

Schneider, Karen R.

Shake, Melanie

Tow Trucking Inc.

AMPD Mobile Inc.

Henry, Don L. and Lisa, IRS (2)

McGuire, Phyllis J.

Moore, James E.

Dexter General Construction

McAdams, Charles

Morris, Kenneth D. (2)

Rendleman, Kent

Seals, Gail

Middleton, Timothy E.

Clark, Nikki L.

Haas, Bobby D.

Magarian, Richard K. Sr.

Robertson, David A.

Colvert, Emma L.

McDonald, Paul M.

Morgan, Joshua L.

Peters, Vicki L.

Phrampus, Gregory W.

Thomas, Jeff

Thompson, Steven C.

Jacques, Mark A.

Maddux, Lynae

Reese, Michael R.


Moore, Shane M.

Paul, Robert L. II

Spacenet Inc. (2)

Essex Onestop

Jones, Hiram L. (2)

Jones, Matt E. (2)

Terry, Cecil and Peggy L.

Burger King Corp.

Fisher, Samuel J.

Walker and Associates, IRS

Pixley, Dale R. II

Malloy, Jeffery (3)

Bohannon Enterprises

Grade Rite Inc.

Rodgers, Charles

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