Monday, October 17, 2011

Bankruptcies filed through September for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Kirkpatrick, Fayetta J. 10947
Nanney, Beverly D. 11028

Butler County

Weathers, Billie L. 10919
Eudaley, Bennie W. and Wanda M. 10921
Kirkman, Steven E. and Christy L.10922
Elliff, Jimmy L. 10926
Bernard, Mary L. 10928
Leone, Joseph A. 10929
Bell, Gregory P. and Christy D. 10932
Shay, Sarah J. 10934
Dare, Melisa E. 10937
Steen, Daniel D. and Tiffany D. 10940
Gresham, William B. 10943
Hines, Jeffrey W. and Carol A. 10954
Davidson, Gregory L. 10955
Dugger, Michael A. and Dawn M. 10964
McClellan, Lavon E. Jr. 10965
Brookover, Dow R. and Alana S. 10966
Cassidy, Keith A. and Sondra K. 10970
Hampton, Tiffany N. 10993
Slayton, Jennifer M. 11000
Alexander, Stephanie L. 11002
Sullivan, Malinda S. 11004
Gauthier, Jason S. and Jane A. 11015
Kirchner, Mary L. 11019
Scaggs, William C. 11026
Moore, Teresa K. 11027
Gowen, Travis A. 11033
Davis, Sandra R. 11036
Griffin, Steven D. and Jennifer D.11039

Cape Girardeau County

Floyed, Jason A. and Emile P. 10931
Partin, Matthew B. 10933
Schlick, Michael L. 10941
Luttrell, Kenneth W. and Denise R.10946
Proffer, Bruce W. and Patricia A.10951
Winters, Carly L. 10953
Huber, Ned J. and Susan D. 10958
Fluegge, Amanda J. 10959
Cook, Guy R. 10967
Garrett, Cletus J. 10974
Brown, Kent A. and Holly L. 10980
Martin, Daniel P. 10982
Yenicek, Hope L. 10986
Hines, Crystal 10987
Bolen, Jess R. Jr. and Julie R. 10989
Coder, Laura J. 10990
Bronaugh, Mary M. 10991
Hanners, Tammy J. 10992
Phillips, Lisa M. 11007
Mansfield, Stacy W. and Kelly A.11008
Erlbacher, Deborah 11009
Welch, Tracy A. and Kelsey B. 11016
Freeman, Michael S. and Karen L.11021
Schniedermeyer, Shaun M. and Amanda D.11030
Dillard, Keith D. and Shannon K.11032
Joiner, Christopher M. 11038

Carter County

Toelupe, Kelly N. 11003

Dunklin County

Penix, Gail L. 10914
Cox, Timothy R. and Lisa I. 10915
Smith, Brian K. 10916
Brown, Charles and Christy A. 10917
Vincent, James M. and Casy M. 10924
Radin, George H. and Shirley D. 10925
Thornberry, Donna F. 10927
Williams, Bryan K. and Jennifer K.10950
Boyer, Carolyn 10957
Long, Robert L. and Lianne L. 10961
Evans, James D. Jr. 10981
Hill, LeDon A. 10985
Horton, Edward D. and Jennifer N.10995
Geary, Frieda 10997
Anderson, Joanie 11022
Daugherty, Kimberly R. 11024
Crane, Charles T. and Mary Lou 11040
Garrison, David A. and Debra A. 11041
Tice, Richard L. and Heather J. 11042
Walker, Jerry D. 11043

Madison County

Sikes, Nancy J. 11017
Baird, Randy D. 11018
Graham, Barbara L. 11037

Mississippi County

Davis, Marica M. 10939
Johnson, Michael W. and Angela D.10984

New Madrid County

Bewley, Daren K. 10945
Kershaw, Aretha J. 10971
Tittle, Rickey J. and Deborah S.10988
Moody, Karen 10996
Elmore, Jonell M. 10999
Bonee, Jason and April M. 11035

Pemiscot County

Standerder, James M. and Patricia D.10912
Crutchfield, Melvin C. and Ava J.10913
White, Ernest and Jo Ann 10956
Peters, Michael E. and Lisa M. 11006
Brantley, Sara B. 11023
Fullhart, Susan K. 11025

Perry County

Barker, Jared P. and Rebecca L. 10923
Ayars, Angela K. 10938
Welker, Benton R. and Debbie L. 10968
Ponder, Scotty L. 10972
LeClere, Kevin R. 10975
Wright, Russell W. and Shannon L.10976
Mills, Daniel J. and Shelley J. 11029

Ripley County

Layman, Steven M. and Christine M.10920
Turner, Sherry L. 10978
Hastings, Connie S. 10983
Cato, Samuel D. 10994

Scott County

Jones, Kenneth J. 10918
Killian, Todd A. 10930
Russell, Angela D. 10935
Kirby, William F. 10942

Kaiser, Wiliam J. and Jane A. McCord Kaiser 10952

O'Guin, Keith E. 10962
Sanders, Timothy L. and Kelly L.10963
Owens, Jason C. and Lora A. 10969
Helms, Pamela J. 10973
Simmons, Ashley J. 10977
Cohn, Ashtin P. and Robert W. Jr.10998
Tuttleton, Larry D. and Katie M.11020
Freeland, James C. and Denise M.11031

Shannon County

Prewett, Jesse L. and Virginia D.11014

Stoddard County

Spillers, David S. and Teresa A.10944
Lee, Thomas R. and Ariel M. 10949
Webb, William W. and DeDee J. 10960
Norman, Stacey M. 10979
Evans, Ernest E. and Natalie A. 11005
Shomaker, Cindy M. 11011
Spencer, Faye A. 11012
Harmon, Wanda J. and Lennon N. 11013
Morris, Joshua P. and Ceptamber D.11034

Wayne County

Wills, Sherry K. 10936
Hendry, Rosalle 10948
Wilson, Darlene 11001
Barnes, Jamon T. and Lisa K. 11010
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