Let ART Break Free

Friday, October 14, 2011

Art should not be restricted to galleries any more than it should be restricted in subject, size or form.

I consider those of us who live in or around Cape Girardeau lucky. We have to remove our shoes to count all the galleries. Those galleries showcase local artists and expose us to national or even international talents.

However, we have a small group of people who practice -- and want to exhibit -- outside the box. Walls cannot contain Dr. Edwin Smith or his former students. The Edward Bernard Gallery has again welcomed their 3-D art in the fourth annual Sculpture on the Green show.

This type of art, the kind anyone could accidentally find while driving or walking, should be encouraged. Matt Miller continues to add to the outdoor art collection at Hunter Valley Winery, but that still has to be sought out.

A few businesses have added sculptures to their landscaping, starting a promising trend. I would suggest that any business considering joining that group look at the presentation on West Drive. But that's a mere speck of a sampling of what our base can do.

Sometimes -- stepping back inside for a moment -- the walls themselves form the art. Case in point: the Esquire Theater on Broadway.

John Buckner announced that the Broadway Esquire Entertainment Group would buy, renovate and reopen the theater in 2013. He plans to restore it to the art deco designs with modern twists and art by Karen Cauvin Eustis.

The theater will serve as yet another attractive piece of art for us to appreciate -- and it will house motion picture art or stage shows, too.

We have a wealth of delicate art hanging safely in galleries. Let's embrace and enjoy the extension of the art world into the outside world.

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