Speak Out 10/12/11

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Respectful runners

I just saw five runners running down the side of Mount Auburn Road before sunrise. They were very respectful. They all had on either flashing lights or reflective clothing. They were running on the sidewalk, being very careful not to disrupt traffic. Now, those are good exercise people. Keep up the good work.

Great performance

I want to comment on the "Into the Woods" production at SEMO River Campus. It was amazing that this cast and crew could get this together in a four-week time frame. You don't need to go to St. Louis to see anything better. Every one of them did their jobs in a professional manner and it came across that way. Kudos to all those involved.

Pancreatic cancer

AGAIN they have the pink lights up at Saint Francis Medical Center for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I ask that the people around town remember that they could also put purple lights up for the month of November for pancreatic cancer. I lost my husband and the father of my children last November from this terrible disease. There is a 99 percent cure rate for breast cancer and less than 4 percent for pancreatic cancer. I want there to be more awareness about it. You are hearing more and more diagnoses for pancreatic cancer. There needs to be a way found for earlier detection. I don't want to take anything away from breast cancer, but there are so many more cancers out there that need the same attention.

Litter ordinance

IT'S good to know that we're going to have the opportunity to elect new members to the Cape Girardeau City Council. According to an ordinance there is a $500 fine for littering property. Despite this, we are told there's nothing that can be done about homeowners who trash their property with litter, junk, old cars, furniture and toys, used building supplies, trash cans and whatever else they can pile around their homes. Maybe new members' interpretation of litter will be more realistic.

Obama kept his word

OBAMA has kept his word, because I don't remember him promising the seniors particularly anything. The person needs to clarify better if the they are going to call in and make accusations that he hasn't kept his word. One group he's kept his word to is the gay community. He got rid of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." So there, he's kept his word.

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