Speak Out 9/29/11

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jefferson Barracks

ON your next trip to St. Louis, take time to visit Jefferson Barracks. You will come away with a renewed vow to cherish and sustain the freedom which resulted from the sacrifices of these brave warriors.

Girls sports

I find it refreshing to see more coverage of girls sports. Hope to see this continue and expand to interviews, etc.

Potential closing

I'M calling about the news I've heard on the potential closing of postal service processing centers, with Cape Girardeau's being one of them. I'm calling to say no, and I hope a lot of other people call in and express their views. Every business has its flaws and might be upset with the postal service sometimes, but the alternative could be a lot worse. I think overall the postal service does a pretty good job around here.

Food control

MICHELLE Obama has been working toward healthier food choices for children at restaurants like McDonalds. I don't think this is the job of government to do, but I enjoy a choice of a fruit cup over a serving of fries now and then. The market demand should dictate what is served on the menu. I find it upsetting that Michelle Obama seeks to control the menus of what is served by restaurants but does not look into what people are purchasing with food stamps at the grocery stores.

Missouri Plan

I'M tired of The Wall Street Journal meddling in Missouri's business and even more put out when the Southeast Missourian publishes their propaganda. We have a wonderful method for choosing members of the Missouri Supreme Court. It has been a model for the nation. The Wall Street Journal has written that it's a pitiful plan and wants to politicize the whole process of choosing Missouri Supreme Court judges so as to further its own agenda.

Mascot debate

I'VE been reading about the person who claims to be offended by the Jackson Indians mascot name. Really? Are you kidding? Have you no better cause to work toward? Why is it you chose to make it a negative instead of feeling a sense of pride in your genealogy?

Obesity rate

HOW could Kansas and Missouri be ranked No. 1 and 2? They seem to have decent football teams, but this is a bit much. However, I later understood the statement I overheard and it made sense because it was referring to the rate of obesity.

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