Speak Out 9/27/11

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank you

I'D like to thank the paper carriers and the ones who double wrap the paper in plastic when the weather is bad. I've never seen anyone call this in before. I think it's time someone extended a thank you for this service.

Indian mascot

AS a lifelong Jackson native, I don't agree with any comments about changing the mascot. It's a sign of respect, and if you don't live here or go to school here, then don't worry about it. We are proud of our tradition and will continue to honor all Native Americans by keeping the Indian as our mascot.

A bunch of malarky

IF Obama or anyone else wants the rich to pay more taxes, all they have to do is do away with loopholes and all these perks that they and the other politicians have given their supporters. If they'd do that then it would be pretty well equalized. But no, they still want to buy the votes and support of these people for their big financial backing. They want to sound like they're really for the little man, which is a bunch of malarky, and I hope everybody's smart enough to see it.

Class warfare

PRESIDENT Obama's proposed Buffett tax on millionaires and billionaires is being dismissed by Republicans as class warfare. In case you were wondering, class warfare refers to any attempt of the middle class and poor to improve their lot in a way that the ultrawealthy wrongly perceive as a threat to curtail their opportunity to pile up even more pots of gold.

Casino folly

OUR Cape Girardeau city leaders sure made a boo-boo when they allowed the casino into our fine city. Take a look around and see all the other casinos nationwide going under. And this one will take Cape Girardeau down with it.

Bring troops home

RON Paul is correct on several issues. One thing he's correct on is that we have more than 900 military bases outside the United States protecting people in other parts of the world. We need to bring our troops home and quit spending money to protect Japan and Europe and let them take care of themselves. We're out of money and we've got to take care of ourselves and quit spending money to protect the rest of the world.

A simple smile

TOO many people who work in medical offices in Cape Girardeau fail to help patients feel more comfortable in an already stressful environment. Just a simple smile or a kind word can make all the difference to an anxious patient. If you have trouble adjusting your own negative attitude, please quit and find another job. Thoughtful, more caring people are waiting in line to take your place.

Central spending

WHY would Central High School have money to build a stadium but not enough money for students to each have a plant science book to take home? Defeats the purpose of being called a school.

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