Speak Out 9/25/11

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Proud of teams

I would like to comment on the Jackson Indian and Central Tiger football game. We should be very proud of both teams and how both teams represent their communities with young men that are coached very well. We should be grateful and proud of the players and the coaches who are spending valuable time helping our young people in football and in life. My hat is off to our players and coaches.

Voter for Missourian

THE Missourian had a great article a couple of weeks ago about Alex Schlitt and the Farmall tractor he restored. He needs your help; please watch the video at www.delotrc.com from him with the Oran FFA. The voting is going on for the next month for the video competition. He needs more support with everyone voting. He is the only entry in Missouri. You can vote as often as you like. Please get the word out and ask everyone to vote.

Closing center

EVERYBODY in the Cape Girardeau area who is affected by the potential closing of the Cape Girardeau mail processing facility needs to start making some noise and calling Congress. If they think the mail service is bad now, losing the center in Cape Girardeau would make it a lot worse.

Shelter update

AS many as three years ago, the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri disclosed plans for a new shelter. At their annual auction in 2008 they displayed plans and were attempting to raise funds for this purpose. It would be nice if they were able to give an accounting of what's been raised, what's needed to get the job done, and an explanation of why there hasn't been any progress. They certainly were giving patrons the impression that the plan would have been in motion by now.

Get a hobby

FOR those people complaining about the mascots' names being socially unacceptable, you guys need to get a hobby. It is a mascot. If the only thing to complain about a school is the mascot's name, then you're doing pretty good. We've got teachers out there who don't know how to teach or don't even like children. They don't need to be in there. That's what you need to be concerned about, not a mascot.

Don't blame unions

REPUBLICAN members of Congress and Republican governors are trying to break the unions. If it wasn't for the unions, everybody would be working for 50 cents an hour and have no health insurance. You can't blame the union people wanting a raise when the companies are paying the CEOs and top employees unheard of salaries and bonuses. Some have given up some benefits and wages to help keep their jobs.

Facebook Law

THE high level administrative hierarchy of the Missouri State Teachers Association is getting far too much credit in getting the Missouri General Assembly to repeal the so-called Facebook Law. As a matter of fact, MSTA officials cooperated with Republican State Sen. Jane Cunningham in crafting the original overkill bill. It was only when rank-and-file teachers who were MSTA members saw that the legislation went so far in destroying freedom of association for legitimate educational purposes that those administrative officials who run MSTA saw that to save their hides they had better reverse course quickly.

Defense spending

MAKING much-needed cuts in defense spending won't solve the debt crisis in and of itself, but it will sure go a long way.

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