Speak Out 9/21/11

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Foreign products

YOU know what I looked at recently when buying things? Everything is made in China, Taiwan and Japan. Why? People, why are we doing this to our economy? And we wonder why we're broke.

Attitude toward cyclists

I'M sorry, but sometimes I can't believe the mindset of the people in this area on bicycling. A caller to Speak Out wanted bicyclists on Route W to choose Cape Girardeau's bike trail. How can I get to work on Cape Girardeau's bike trail if it doesn't lead to where I work? Maybe they should have a whole new attitude about bicyclists because we're out there keeping the price of fuel down for all the motorists.

Bicyclists' rights

THIS is in response to bike rules riding on Route W: I'm a frequent rider on Route W, and I have found the vast majority of drivers are very courteous and drive safely. To those not driving safely, realize that I have the same legal right to that road as you do due to my taxes being paid. Should you choose not to drive safely, is the 30 seconds that you spend behind a rider really worth a life and the anguish that you will experience? Realize that you will be charged with a felony and you will be sued in civil court for everything that you own.

Expired plates

TODAY while I was out driving in town, I came up behind a little gray car with expired license plates as of June this year. The man is still driving the car. Here it is September. How long can he drive this car this way? I think it's high time they are watched.

Parade littering

IN regards to the parades, we have nice parades all year long. It's pretty bad when you've got lazy people that bring all their food containers and cups and stuff and just leave them along the road when they get done. There's no reason for this. It's just pure laziness.

Stoplight comment

REGARDING the Speak Out comment wanting a traffic signal at Perryville Road and Cape Rock Drive, nationwide studies show that installing a traffic signal increases the number of crashes. Also, for traffic volume such as this, the amount of wait time increases for the average motorists. For this reason, many motorists often avoid traffic signals, using neighborhood streets instead.

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