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Bankruptcies filed through August for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Jackson, Shawn P. and Christina D.10782
Mackiewicz, Anthony and Marca L. Starkey10802
Brotherton, Greg and Christine10842
Steger, Marsha and Ray R.10849
Jones, Joe H. and Jessi D.10868
Brewster, Joan10894
Koyle, Arden L. and Betty J.10895

Butler County

Norman, Ricky L. and Nancy L.10767
Paukner, William and Patricia A.10769
Bosse, Gerome V. and Linda O.10773
Wennerholm, Johnny D.10776
Ice, Nashay L.10784
Diggs, Ida V.10793
Stratton, Jeffrey B. and Amanda J.10794
Ribbing, Gregory E. and Carol S.10807
Hancock, James C. and Carrie J.10811
Romine, Karen10812
Turner, Mark W. and Misty D.10821
Turner, Sean C.10822
Mosbey, Douglas E. and Heather T.10840
Christian, Edward A. and Christina A.10841
Sellers, Craig A. and Launa J.10845
Reece, Tracy D. and Melissa K.10855
Daniels, Jack D.10857
Corlee, Mary A.10866
Amara, Linda D.10871
Stewart, Michael A. and Angela R.10877
Mondy, David R.10888
Smith, Ricky J. and Gayla A.10893
Persons, Robert K. and Samantha C.10897

Cape Girardeau County

Karraker, Timothy J.10761
Mason, Danetta L.10774
Anderson, Tracey L.10775
Stranahan, Benjamin J.10783
Foster, Pamela K.10806
Lape, Kevin T.10817
Crites, Gregory L.10818
McGowan, Michael C.10819
Huskey, Jammie A. and Amy J.10820
Verhines, Keith B. and Janet L.10823
King, Brandy10824
Hawkins, Gregory S. and Vesper A.10834
Turner, Jessica E.10839
Banks, Rochelle N.10847
Kluesner, Randy A.10848
Arnzen, Bernard H. and Betty J.10861
Adams, Joshua and Genger10863
New, Cynthia G.10864
Barrow, Carmella K. and Randy A.10870
Johnson, Teresa J.10874
Nesler, Shawn S. and Robyn L.10880
Seyer, Timothy S. and Linda D.10881
Green, Stacey E.10883
Troy, Mark J.10885
Moore, Charles A. and Patricia A.10887
Palmer, Debbie S.10890
Johnston, Samuel I. and Jill L.10891
Rosas, Antonio M.10892
Barks, Danielle L.10901
Bard, Andrew J.10905
Griffin, Denise M.10906
Moore, Jamie L. and Tonya J.10907

Carter County

Lathum, Teddy and Deborah D.10875

Dunklin County

Taylor, Olevia G.10785
Dye, Kenneth D. and Freida A.10816
Faucett, Julius L.10827
Cardwell, Nellie F.10828
Pippin, Patricia10829
Seats, Carl A. and Victoria A.10830
Brewer, Trenton D.10858
Foster, Carmen J.10859
Vavak, Judith L.10879

Madison County

Osborne, Jaime P. and Barbara L.10808
Turner, Danny G. and Ginger M.10814
Farmer, Jeffrey C. and Stephanie D.10815
Cheek, Robin J. and Dina L.10908
Thele, Jody E.10909

Mississippi County

Dorris, Stanley J. and Sarah L.10763
Pullen, Nicholas A. and Samantha E.10765
Hinson, Bridgette L.10770
Hagen, Denise L.10781
Simmons, Norma J.10788
Kersey, Helen G.10831
Passley, Sammy L.10833
Pratt, Jessica D.10873

New Madrid County

Kershaw, Aretha10764
Jones, Angelis D.10777
Knighten, Odell and Linda L.10795
Chambliss, Melissa L.10796
Johnson, Priscilla A.10850
Humphrey, Eric L. and Kristina H.10851
Wilson, Michael G. and Diana M.10878
Townsend, Jackie and Jessica L.10899

Pemiscot County

Leal, Candice D.10803
Tims, Debra J.10826

Perry County

Pfeiffer, Daniel R.10837
Bishop, Joshua M. and Brein N.10838
Coomer, Patrick and Debra10882
Thomure, Karen M.10902
Phillips, Denise J.10904

Reynolds County

McNail, Ronald D. and Lisa D.10799
Stacy, Michael W.10813

Ripley County

Hall, Marvin D. and Kelli L.10771
Watson, Mickey J. and Kelli R.10778
Hancock, Benny V. and Shirley A.10810
Daily, Regina A.10852
Grant, Christina K.10856
Jackson, Elsie E.10898
Scott, Howard R.10900
Kelly, Joshua D. and Lisa R.10911

Scott County

Gross, Michael W. and Kandi L.10760
Edwards, Ona M.10762
Polley, Lana D.10766
Brashear, Willodean10768
Meeks, Michael L. and Andrea J.10772
Murray, Fred W.10779
Mason, Ronald G. and Janet M.10787
Peridore, David10792
Orzech, Kenneth L. and Janet S.10797
Strebler, Brenda K.10798
Shackles, Danny E. and Sharon D.10801
Keller, Nickie N.10804
King, Brenda J.10805
Lane, Robert D.10809
Sites, Hollie A.10825
Pulliam, Larry R.10832
Miller, Kevin L. and Brenda L.10835
Parker, Patricia A.10836
Cowell, Mary K.10843
Rhodes, Mark S.10844
Murray, Mabel L.10860
Cooper, Willie E. and Deloris S.10862
Eakins, Kevin R.10869
Smith, Reuben A. and Angela M.10872
Nordin, Patricia A.10876
Perrien, Jeremy R.10886
White, Richard W. and Marie T.10889
Menz, Michael G. and Suzanne M.10896
Tucker, Jessica N.10903
Davault, Randy A. and Amy D.10910

Stoddard County

Chism, Robert D. and Michelle R.10790
Payne, Larry A.10791
Martin, Jason E.10800
Surface, Charles R. and Patsy J.10846
Reid, Frank M. and Ila M.10867

Wayne County

Vilseck, Nina J.10780
Burns, Ronald C. and Ingrid R.10786
Alberson, Terry R.10789
Thompson, Teresa E.10853
Robinson, Donna J.10854
Carr, Albert and Darlene10865
Hill, Charles R. and Lydia A.10884
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