Speak Out 9/13/11

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pohlman column

MIA Pohlman, I really liked your article recently, "Being molded by clay, how beautiful." How beautiful. I really liked your imagery of the drying seasons in our lives. Keep up the good work and many blessings to you.

Well wishes

MY wife and I graduated from Central High School back in the late '60s and our children went to Jackson schools. Now our precious grandchildren are in sports at Jackson schools. Both of us wish Central High School and its fans all the best with their new stadium.

Respected mascot

As a Native American and an alumnus, I am offended that Southeast Missouri State University changed its mascot. I would be doubly offended if Jackson High School changed its mascot. I see nothing wrong with the Indian as a respected mascot.

Farmers market

THE Saturday morning farmers market is held at the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson. It's not hard to find; it's on the parking lot. Sometimes it's held in the basement, but it's there. It is at 206 E. Washington St.

School taxes

I better not see an increase in my school tax this year. The school could spend $2.8 million on a football field, yet they can't give the school teachers a raise. They can't take care of the items that need to be taken care of to give students an education, but they can spend that kind of money on sports. It's beyond ridiculous. I think something needs to be done. Don't raise my school taxes.

Anti-war activists

I'D like to know where all those war protesters have been for the last two-and-half, almost three years now that this is a Democrat war. The anti-war songs that were so common when we had a Republican president, I can't seem to find any of them out these days.

Jackson Indians

I also have Native American blood in my veins. I have no problem with Jackson schools calling their sports teams the Indians. It reminds people who was here first.

End the war

THE way our country is so deep in debt, we need the money for the east coast to help all those people out there. Why don't these people in Washington stop the war and pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and save that money to rebuild our country? It's something I can't figure out. This is not right.

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