New trial date set in Washington murder of former Cape Girardeau woman

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- The trials of two people accused of murdering a Cape Girardeau native are set to begin in November after a two-month delay.

Keayn Dunya and his girlfriend, Kara Buchanan, pleaded not guilty July 22 in a Whatcom County, Wash., courtroom in the July 3 shooting of Dunya's estranged wife, Kriston Peterman-Dunya, formerly of Cape Girardeau. Dunya is charged with first-degree murder, and Buchanan is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and rendering criminal assistance. Both suspects' trials will begin Nov. 7.

Both trials were set to begin this week, but forensic analysis pushed the start date back almost two months, Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney David McEachran said

After missing a day of work, Peterman-Dunya, 32, was found dead in her Bellingham apartment after a concerned co-worker went to check on her July 5. In a voice mail to police after the body was found, Buchanan made a frantic call saying that she killed Peterman-Dunya and that by the time they located Buchanan she would be dead. Police found her on a beach, with slit wrists, though the wounds were not critical.

Surveillance video taken from Peterman-Dunya's apartment shows a man Keayn Dunya's size and race exiting a Toyota Avalon just before 5 a.m. July 3. The security tapes show a man wearing a coat and carrying a long-barreled shotgun in his right hand.

A shotgun and ammunition were found in Buchanan's home.

Prosecutors have suggested for a motive that Dunya and Peterman-Dunya, who had separated, were about to go through a custody battle for their 7-year-old son, Kai.

Peterman-Dunya's parents, Gene and Wilda Peterman, are taking care of Kai.


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601 E. Holly St., Bellingham, Wash.

Jackson, MO

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