West Park Mall

Thirty years ago this year West Park Mall opened its doors in Cape Girardeau, and today the facility is still a viable shopping destination and a popular social outlet.

The mall -- which started out as a vision of Charles L. Drury's -- has been a major staple for the west side of Cape Girardeau. And with only a few developments at the time of its groundbreaking on the west side of the city, the decision to build, though bold at the time, has help lead Cape Girardeau to become the major retail hub it is today.

After Drury's persistence over a 12-year period, the May Company agreed to visit Cape Girardeau. And though the company -- which already owned more than two dozen shopping malls -- had only been building stores in large cities, they agreed to partner with Drury on the 510,000-square-foot building sitting atop a 66-acre site.

Sixty stores now fill the mall, and with the exception of the former Steve & Barry's store it's a fully leased facility, according to Susan Godorov, spokeswoman for mall management company Centro Properties.

We congratulate West Park Mall, those behind its inception and the many businesses that occupy the facility on this major milestone. May the next 30 years and beyond be just as successful.