Speak Out 9/6/11

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great teacher

I'D like to comment on a kindergarten teacher at Immaculate Conception School in Jackson. Miss Amber is one of the most passionate and caring teachers that I've ever met. If we had more like her, the children would get a good start in life.

Pessimistic candidates

THE gloom and doom pessimism expressed by Republican candidates for the presidency tells me they've given up on the idea of American exceptionalism as well as the American people. There is no optimistic, upbeat, Ronald Reagan-like candidate in the whole lot of them.

Paid enough?

MEMBERS of Congress are complaining that they aren't making enough. Why don't they borrow from their rich friends that they are giving the tax breaks to?

Be considerate

TO the person who almost "clipped" a cyclist: Trust that we are careful. We fear being hit by your two-ton car, and I am not aware of any cyclists hitting cars. Several friends have been hit by cars though. From the comfort of your air-conditioned leather interior, may I ask you to turn your power steering wheel three inches to the left rather than three inches to the right. It's that easy.

Spending cuts

THE new Republican-led cuts in spending will have the effect of dealing Missouri a double whammy; specifically, assistance for the construction of a new levee at Birds Point and for the victims of the terrible tornado in Joplin.

Jobs speech

PRESIDENT Obama's big jobs plan will amount to nothing more than a rehash of his worn-out left-wing ideas that are anti-business, anti-jobs, anti-growth. He will frame it so that his entire "plan" must be approved in total by Congress or it won't work. Of course it won't work, because it is a dumb plan. But he will manipulate the discussion to blame the obstinate Republicans who are so blind that they can't see his wonderful pink and fluffy liberal vision of the world.

Central Stadium

IT was interesting to see a Central graduate express concerns about the money spent on Central's new stadium. In many places, boosters, civic groups and private businesses build football fields. School money goes for schools. How many classrooms did the field cost? I'll consider this the next time I'm asked to vote on a school project.

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