Aerotropolis: Your Tax $$$ To Wealthy Donors

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If you haven't followed the Aerotropolis boondoggle being pushed by StL and KC businesses, RCGA, and Chamber of Commerce, you better start paying attention. It is THE main topic of the Special Session of the Missouri Legislature called by Governor Nixon.

It is nothing more than a payback to wealthy donors using your tax dollars.

The Show-Me Institute in St. Louis has been doing yeoman's work investigating this latest form of crony capitalism. Lots of stuff to read below.

I'm surprised that the last mention of Aerotropolis in the SE Missourian was 21 Days Ago. Millions of Tax Dollars are at stake, and our local Senator has been very vocal about it!

The basics:


The cover-up and stalling:

Senator Crowell:

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