Day of the Bent Wing

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Refueled and headed for Atlanta, this F4U-1D Corsair taxies for take off from KCGI.

The Corsair !!!!

The Japanese called her "Whistling Death" for the shrill screech that came from the air intakes at her wing roots at combat speeds.

Navy pilots originally called her "Widow Maker" as her carrier operational problems were ironed out.

The Marines took her into combat as one of the first U.S. fighters that could pick and choose their battles with the Japanese "Zero".

She later became known as "The Angel of Okinawa" for the support she brought to the battle for that island.

This past week, we had her on the ramp at KCGI...AND received a dynamic photo pass as her pilot took her off to Atlanta.

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