Speak Out 8/29/11

Monday, August 29, 2011

'Extreme Couponing'

WHILE surfing the channels on my TV I came across a program called "Extreme Couponing." The people on the program saw absolutely nothing wrong with hoarding 152 rolls of toilet tissue or 70 bottles of laundry detergent, etc. This is greed personified. Why don't they donate these things to the various food banks or take a lower-income person with them and show them how to save money?

Blowing money

I can't understand how they can't fix the economy. First of all, they need to cut off a politician's wages to at least 50 percent, stop sending our money overseas, start opening jobs for clothing or shoes or toys, build a big wall like the Great Wall along the border of Mexico and the U.S., and start keeping our money for the U.S. They're just blowing our hard-earned tax money.

Pie-in-the-sky policies

IT must come as quite a shock to President Obama that his pie-in-the-sky economic policies not only have not helped the economy but, in fact, have hurt the economy further. No one would argue that he did inherit a troubled economy from his predecessor; however, during his campaign for the presidency, he convinced a majority of Americans that he had the answers to the problems and that he could straighten things out. He "applied" for the job of president and America "hired" him. Many job applicants oversell themselves to get the job, then can't perform up to the expectations they created. That is what has happened to Obama.

Central stadium

MY husband and I are both graduates of Cape Girardeau Central High School and very proud of that. We've moved away because of jobs, and this summer we were back home and met with some friends. It was really nice to be back in Cape Girardeau and see the progress that's been made. One thing though that we were very dismayed about is that Central's building their own football stadium. We have been hearing for years how Cape Girardeau schools are in financial trouble, how the whole Missouri education system is in financial trouble, and yet instead of pumping money back into education, they pumped it into sports.

No respect

THIS is to the people who made the comment about not ever wanting to travel on Route OO ever again. Well, be glad. The people that live on routes OO and F and all other roads that were used as detours don't want you on them anymore anyway because most of you were so rude, you didn't know how to drive or treat other people with respect.

Awesome teachers

THERE'S nothing that warms your heart more than when your child comes home after the first day of school all excited and says, "My teacher is awesome." Thank you to all the wonderful teachers who really love their jobs and care about our children. I think you're awesome, too.

Paying more

TO any of the wealthy millionaires and billionaires that say that they don't pay enough taxes, there's not anything in the world stopping you from voluntarily paying all the taxes that you want. If you don't think you've been taxed enough, then voluntarily pay more taxes and I'll just sit back and pay my little bit that I have to pay.

Obama like Nero

IT looks like we're going now into a double recession and possibly a depression. What we need to do now is have a recall election. We need to recall the president and members of the Senate. We've got to get them out of there, because Obama reminds me of Nero.

Trash system

I'D like to comment about the trash pickup. I think it's probably a pretty good system if the city could ever teach their drivers to put the trash cans back on the people's property instead of just leaving them in the middle of the street or middle of a driveway. If they're that lazy to put them back where they got them, then maybe you need to hire somebody else to do it.

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