Speak Out 8/24/11

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rural post offices

THANK you, Jo Ann Emerson, for working to keep rural post offices open. Everyone needs to read the article in The Banner Press from Aug. 17 by Emerson. Thank you, Rep. Emerson, for this and everything you do for Southeast Missouri.

Birds Point

THE people of Birds Point are asking the wrong people why the levee isn't getting built back. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers doesn't have the money. They have less money now than they ever had. They should be asking Jo Ann Emerson. Why is she letting all the rich people have the tax breaks while everyone else is suffering? If they were paying the taxes like they did before Bush's tax cuts, there might be money to build the levee back to 62 feet.

Cape Splash

I visited Cape Splash for the first time recently and found it to be quite enjoyable. The facilities were well maintained and the staff was friendly and committed to making sure all safety rules were followed. The admission and concession prices were also reasonable. I visited with a gentleman who was from out of state who was quite impressed that it was a city owned attraction and not privately owned and operated. Yet another great attraction for the community.

City lied

MY city utility bill almost doubled after we were told the average bill would only rise about $20. I know firsthand that one gas station's bill more than doubled. The people of Cape Girardeau have been misled again. I didn't vote to be lied to.

Foreign outsourcing

A local concrete contractor working on city streets paid with tax dollars buys equipment made in Japan; Missouri Department of Labor buys promotional key chains made in China to promote Missouri jobs; California contracts with a Chinese company to build bridges. These stories are all true examples of why we have an economic and employment crisis in this country.

Obama's change

CHANGE is what Mr. Obama promised and change is what we got. He changed the deficit to the worst its ever been, and it may not ever recover. He changed the S&P rating from AAA-plus to AA-plus. He changed to lower the value of the U.S. dollar.

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