Letter to the Editor

A response to my letter

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In response to my recent letter to the editor telling the truth about Democrat policies and Democrat politicians like McCaskill and Obama, Martha Thompson of Jackson responded just as I described Democrat sycophants always do in my letter. She does not try to rebut the facts, because she knows my facts are correct about Obama and McCaskill. All she could do was name-call, calling me "stingy." Then she gave some anecdotal story to elicit sympathy about how compassionate it is to give promiscuous girls free birth control paid for by taxpayers. (One point out of the litany of Democrat abuses of tax dollars.)

Somehow I don't find that my "duty." Neither do I find the authority to bind such a burden of responsibility for another citizen (who has a moral duty to be self-responsible) upon taxpayers anywhere in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

Ms. Thompson says President Obama and Claire McCaskill both have gainful employment. Yippee! Who funds that gainful employment check, Ms. Thompson? It's me and other "stingy" taxpayers who are "gainfully employed" in the private sector.

It is the private-sector employers and employees who provide the gas for this country's economy, not tax-gobbling and overspending hypocrites like McCaskill and Obama who ride high and mighty on our backs digging their spurs deep into our flanks. It's time we threw them off our backs.

JOHN McMILLEN, Sikeston, Mo.