Dalhousie residents, Strack Excavating reach settlement on quarry expansion

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Residents of the upscale Dalhousie subdivision have reached an agreement with Strack Excavating on a proposed quarry expansion.

A hearing was scheduled to start Monday on a permit request by Strack to expand its existing 10-acre quarry off Highway 74 by four acres. The hearing was canceled, according to Missouri Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Renee Bungart, because the residents and Strack reached an agreement.

Strack Excavating's attorney, Brian McGovern, confirmed that an agreement had been reached but declined to release any specifics.

Aaron Dombrowski of the Dalhousie homeowners association would not comment and referred questions to the organization's attorney, John Schneider. Schneider did not respond to requests for comment.

Strack Excavating's owner, J.W. Strack, said he would be installing equipment designed to help control dust on the four-acre expansion.

Dalhousie residents have filed numerous complaints about dust in the subdivision and areas of the golf course with the DNR over the years.

The residents were granted a hearing on the expansion request in September, after more than 30 residents signed a petition opposing the project citing health and safety concerns.

DNR records show the Land Reclamation Commission has never issued a notice of noncompliance to Strack Excavating or its related companies.

Strack has received two letters of warning, one in August 2009 and one in May 2010 for dust-related problems.

The DNR Land Reclamation Commission is scheduled to take action on Strack's permit request at its Sept. 22 meeting in Jefferson City. Whatever agreement Strack and Dalhousie have reached would have to be approved by the commission, according to spokeswoman Nancy Gonder at the Missouri Attorney General's office.

At this meeting, hearing officer Bart Tichenor is also expected to make a recommendation to the commission following a hearing on a second pending permit request by Strack Excavating. Saxony Lutheran High School was granted a hearing, which Tichenor presided over in July, on permit for a new Strack quarry near the school.



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5120 Missouri Highway 74, Cape Girardeau, MO

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