Speak Out 8/16/11

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fire hydrants

I was driving past the LaSalle Avenue exit on the road that takes you back to Lexington Avenue through Cape Girardeau and wondered why there are fire hydrants every 15 feet. I'm wondering if city laws require that fire hydrants have to be within 15 feet of each other, because there's a million of them out here. There are a few sporadic houses, but there are many more hydrants than I ever see in town compared to the number of houses that I see out here.

Obama's economy

OBAMA is on TV talking about what we've got to do to get the market and our economy going back again, and the secret is, which he doesn't want to tell, to get rid of him. That would be the biggest help. All he does is blame it on somebody else.

Facebook law

LEAVE it to the Southeast Missourian to provide a quintessential example of spineless spinning. A recent editorial warned Missouri teachers they had better abide by what could arguably be a bad law, the law passed by the Republican-controlled totalitarian state legislature, telling current educators to sever all Facebook and other social media ties with students. Its rationale was that the teachers could get in trouble if they didn't, and that, incredulously, was part of the reason that somehow the law "made sense."

Charen column

PARTISAN Republican columnist Mona Charen's brazen attack on Medicare and Social Security was so brazen that I believe she not only wants to take down President Obama but also the safety net (Social Security, Medicare) for seniors and others that have collectively made this country great.

Stop spending

A good example of greed and crime today is with our government representatives, not the private market. All government talks about is taxing the rich even more, increasing our debt and spending more. They apparently are not spending the money well since we still have an energy crisis, an unemployment crisis, world crisis, economic crisis, financial crisis, mortgage crisis and crisis after crisis. This only proves money spent by our government isn't solving anything, only causing more crises. Stopping the spending would solve our problems.

Accumulated debt

I'M convinced supporters of the tea party were all born in the year 2009 or later. When I was a student in the '80s we learned about the threat of our accumulated debt. From 2001 to 2009 that debt nearly doubled. Anyone truly concerned about the national debt would have been motivated to take action years ago, regardless of which party controlled Congress or held the presidency.

Perry's prayer

WHAT Gov. Perry needs to be praying about is getting the sinners to change their ways and help out the country instead of taking everything away from the country for their own benefit.

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