Speak Out 8/15/11

Monday, August 15, 2011

Approval ratings

THE approval rating of the U.S. Congress is deservedly at its lowest point in its history. Pandering to the confused but finicky electorate is what caused Congress to be in free fall. It has reaped what it sowed, and its members will suffer a anti-incumbent fate at the polls next year.

Market reaction

THE stock market dropped more than 1,000 points in several days. This followed the credit rating agency, Standard & Poor's, downgrading the country's ability to pay for its debt. And so what do investors do? They take their money out of investments in private concerns and rush to invest it in U.S. Treasuries, the very guarantor of U.S. debt. What Wall Street trusts is the ability of the U.S. government to pay its debt. What they don't trust is the obstructionism of Republican members of Congress, willing to block job growth and make us all suffer while they focus on their singular goal of bringing down the president.

Support troops

THIS is in regard to our military shot down in Afghanistan. Why weren't our flags flying at half staff? I come from a long line of military family. I am ashamed that they were tossed to the side like they didn't matter. Our country needs to wake up. You may not agree with the war, but there are thousands of men and women over there risking there lives to protect our country. Show respect for them and support our troops.

Cleaning rooms

I am so disappointed in the cleanup of the Cape Girardeau Public Schools. I am still trying to clean my classroom. My friend can't even get into her classroom.

Gas prices

I would like someone to explain to me why gas prices in St. Louis were $3.09 recently when in Jackson they were $3.43. Looks like to me the barrel price is down, so why aren't our prices down?

Administration wrong

BARNEY Frank said Fannie and Freddie were strong and Treasury Secretary Geithner agreed, yet the housing market failed. Geithner and Obama said the country would not lose it's AAA rating, yet it did; they also said the financial markets would crumble if Congress didn't raise the debt limit, which it did, and yet the market still crumbles. The proof of this failed administration is real and undeniable.

Social Security

I cannot stand to read another comment from a senior citizen on Social Security. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. I am in my late 20s and realize that there will be no Social Security when I retire. I will start saving for my retirement like all of the other seniors should have done. Why expect the people of America to pay for you just because you are elderly?

Broken windows

WHAT is up with all the broken windows downtown? Spanish Street and Main Street seem to be a target. Maybe someone was trying to throw a beer bottle into the trash bins that are sitting on the sidewalk.

Watch children, not TV

THERE are thieves among us in our fair town of Jackson. I had some Coors in the back of my truck for a party. Someone stole it. I think parents need to watch their children and stop watching reality TV.

Mold problem

SOME classrooms at the middle school in Jackson have mold. Not sure if it is black mold but mold nevertheless, and little is being done to fix the problem. Janitors have just wiped the mold away. Does this really fix the problem?

Working men

I had a person tell me that Democrats were for the working man. He said the rich Republicans are greedy and do nothing for the working man. I couldn't help myself but remind him that if it were not for Republicans, there wouldn't be working men, and Democrats will take money from everyone, including the working man.

Paying taxes

YES, there need to be changes in the tax code. It is time for people to pay their fair share along with the 5 percent of the population who pay 60 percent of the taxes. It is time for people that do not pay taxes to participate with contributions rather than withdrawals. These are the people that live off the sweat of hardworking taxpayers while complaining they are not getting enough. It is time people receiving entitlements give something in return and show some appreciation. Now that would be change I can believe in.

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