Speak Out 8/14/11

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Respecting SEALs

WE should be a nation in mourning for the loss of our Navy SEALs and 30 of our brightest and bravest patriots that reminded us of the horrific cost of war, both to our nation and much more to the families of those lost. Should we not fly our flags at half staff every time we lose one of our protectors of freedom? Our respect is the least we can give.

MAP's measurement

OUR school administrators were clear in saying the MAP test scores really didn't mean all that much and really aren't a good measurement of overall student performance, except that they are, according to the same administrators.

Good news

I do appreciate the good news that the Southeast Missourian decides to print, especially when something sad happens in a person's life such as Rod Jetton and he re-connects with his Christian roots and repents and turns his life around. How much better does it get? Praise the Lord.

More police

WHAT great news! We are going to have some enforcement of the speed limit laws. Now if we can just get the boom box law enforced. We people on North West End Boulevard are afraid to cross the street to our mailboxes because of the speeders, and the boom boxes rattle our windows. We so seldom see a police car on this street. Are you sure only two more policemen are enough?

Limbaugh blinked

DAVID Limbaugh blinked. He had a chance to excoriate and take to the woodshed tea party members who voted for the raising of the federal debt ceiling, but he didn't. Limbaugh balked at giving the business to tea party members who betrayed their principles and got on board for a bad deal. In effect, Limbaugh is calling for compromise, tolerance and understanding of differences within the tea party. To put it succinctly, Limbaugh sadly succumbed to something very common inside the beltway, that being business as usual.

Obama's market

I watched President Obama recently on CBS and he spoke about the country's downgrade from AAA status. The stock market ticker was in the lower right corner of the screen. The more he spoke, the more losses we took. At one point it had dropped an additional 90 points, just since he started speaking.

GOP crisis

THE U.S. credit rating has been downgraded; the stock market has plummeted; and the Republicans are cheering. They created this crisis and now they can blame President Obama. I hope voters will remember in November 2012 that this is what Republicans mean when they say their number one priority is to make Obama fail -- it is to make our country fail so they can blame him.

MAP scores

HOW could anyone in education say the MAP is superficial? Our district's curriculum is based on MAP standards, as are all the districts in the state. We have good, well-thought-out, research-based curriculums. The MAP gives us general expectations that are the same for all students throughout Missouri.

Obama's appeal

PRESIDENT Obama will be re-elected because of his appeal not to socialists but, hold your breath, conservatives.

Obama's failure

THE U.S. debt was downgraded due to a failure of leadership. Can't say it any clearer. Obama has failed. He has failed to provide leadership. He has failed to provide a framework to resolve this issue. He has failed the American public.

Cape streets

HOW long have we paid into the Transportation Trust Fund? Has any city official seen Lexington Avenue? What has the money been spent on? Now how much to redo Broadway? Would Broadway even be a consideration without the casino? Show us the money collected and exactly how it has been spent. The streets in Cape Girardeau are pathetic, and we pay into a fund just for that?

Mowing lawns

WHY do people cut lawns when it's so hot? Why not wait until the evening when it's cool?

Credit downgrade

IT seems that some folks still have their heads buried in the sand. Our credit downgrade was not caused by Republicans holding out for more spending cuts, that is what is needed. It was caused by reckless spending by Obama, his failed stimulus package, his doubling the federal payroll and other things that drove our national debt above the limit that Standard & Poor's felt was safe.

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