School menus for Aug. 15-19

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cape Girardeau Elementary

THURSDAY--Chicken nuggets or turkey & cheese on bun, vegetable blend with cheese, mixed fruit cup, pudding variety.

FRIDAY--Cheese or pepperoni pizza slice or turkey & cheese on bun, green beans, peaches, chocolate fudge bar.

Trinity Lutheran

WEDNESDAY--Dismiss at 11 a.m.; no lunch served.

THURSDAY--Cheeseburger, green beans, fries, peaches.

FRIDAY--Chicken strips, mac & cheese, sweet peas, fruit cocktail.

Eagle Ridge Christian

MONDAY--Chicken strips, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit.

TUESDAY--Grilled cheese, green beans, fruit.

WEDNESDAY--Spaghetti, salad, garlic toast, fruit.

THURSDAY--Cheeseburger, oven fries, fruit.

FRIDAY--Pizza, salad, chips, fruit.

Nell Holcomb

THURSDAY--Corndog, nachos, mixed vegetables, peaches.

FRIDAY--Chicken patty on bun, pretzels, applesauce.


THURSDAY--Ham & cheese sandwich, tater tots, pork & beans, fruit.

FRIDAY--Hamburger, fries, fruit.

Kelso C-7

WEDNESDAY--Pepperoni pleezers, garden salad, corn, fresh fruit.

THURSDAY--Chicken nuggets, rice, peas, fresh fruit cup.

FRIDAY--Roast turkey & gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, roll, applesauce.


THURSDAY--Cheeseburger, baked fries, peaches, ice cream sandwich.

FRIDAY--Pizza stuffer, corn, carrots with ranch dip, applesauce.


WEDNESDAY--Beef noodles, carrots, pinto beans, fruit cocktail.

THURSDAY--Chicken croissant, pickle spear, brown rice, broccoli with cheese sauce, fresh orange.

FRIDAY--Sausage pizza, lettuce & tomato salad, fresh apple, Rice Krispies bar.