Letter to the Editor

Emerson squandered opportunity

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What statistical improbability exists to explain the complete lack of leadership skills demonstrated by 16-year member of Congress Jo Ann Emerson?

The single defining issue of the last election cycle was this country's spending problem. Instead of offering solutions, Emerson wastes her constituents' time by propping up boogeymen and exploiting her sizable elderly voting base through falsified threats of Social Security cuts, while playing another round of "kick the can" by voting for more debt. She even stands in the way of basic common sense deficit reducing ideas like cutting obsolete Saturday mail delivery.

Emerson has verified that she is not a free-market proponent. She and her fellow Republicans have squandered an opportunity to address runaway spending in a meaningful way. When will the voters of the Missouri's 8th Congressional District start to consider the negative impact that the actions of career politicians have had on future generations?