Speak Out 8/10/11

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Republican control

IF the Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress and elect a president next November, the decimation of Medicare and Social Security will ensure that the status of seniors and many other citizens will be similar to that of the current condition of millions of Somalians.

Intrusive government

IT is very evident there will be no job growth or economic recovery as long as Obama and his Senate cronies remain in power. Increasing government regulations (a new 608 in the past month) that stifle growth and cause economic uncertainty will prolong the misery. The question in my mind is whether Obama is doing this on purpose to further his socialist aims or because of total economic ignorance. That remains to be seen.

Good run

HISTORICALLY speaking, republics have had about a 250-year life span. In that sense, you could say we've had a pretty good run.

Volunteers needed

I'M a volunteer at the Jackson Senior Center and thoroughly enjoy the time I spend there. It's a great place for senior citizens to socialize and make new friends. Over the past few years, however, I've noticed a big increase in attendance at the weekday lunches. They even have folks coming in from out of town for the very affordable, delicious, balanced meals. How wonderful! However, there's a down side with this upturn in participation. They need more volunteers! So I challenge those of you who are out there to consider giving some of your time to our golden-aged citizens. A few hours a week can make a huge difference in the distribution of the workload and in the way you feel at the end of the day. Their phone number is 243-4241.

High bills

I agree with the caller about the ridiculously high water bills, and every week groceries are getting higher and higher and utilities are going up. How are people going to pay these higher bills in this bad economy?

Credit downgrade

THE first time in our history downgrade of the U.S. credit rating by Standard & Poor was caused by political brinkmanship played by renegade Republicans willing to take us over the edge on the debt ceiling and into default, thus destabilizing the political process and on record as willing to do so again and again.

Bad change

NOW we have the U.S. credit rating lowered. This along with 9-plus percent unemployment, the stock market falling, $3-plus gas prices, out-of-control spending, housing market crashes, bank foreclosures, job uncertainties, government bailouts and who knows what else has really got our country into trouble. The voters asked for change in our last presidential election and we are getting it. I think it is time for change again, and I hope the voters will put forth change when they go to the voting booth next election.

Good job, Jay

JAY Purcell is doing a fine job as county commissioner. I hope someday to see him as a state representative, then perhaps on to Congress. God knows they need a few good men up there on the hill, and I think Jay will be the one to remind them who they work for and serve -- their constituents, we the American public.

Charitable donations

IN the last week we have received six letters from charities. These are all fine organizations that are doing great work, but we senior citizens haven't had a cost-of-living increase for several years and everything we buy costs a lot more. We just can't open the checkbook every time we open the mailbox.

Financial Armageddon

WE Americans have already defaulted on our debts. The United States has no plan to pay its debt, only borrow more and spend more. Financial Armageddon will be here very soon.

Blaming Bush getting old

SOMEONE ought to give Gene Lyons a cracker because he's parroting the party line of "It's all Bush's fault, it's all Bush's fault." The national debt is entirely Bush's fault as Gene Lyons and every other Democrat hard-liner says. This is bull and it's gotten old.

Thank you

I would like to thank the person who returned my billfold after finding it in the street near Perryville Road and Cape Rock Drive. It is nice to know that there are honest young men in our city. Please come back by for a personal thanks.

Fort D

IF you did not attend the free event at Fort D recently, you missed a very good presentation. My favorite part was the town crier, the firing of the cannons at night and the man who spoke about Capt. Jackson in the St. Louis area. I wish these people would do more of these events, because they are history for our town. Thank you.

Prayer event

GOD bless Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and thank you for lifting our nation in prayer and asking for guidance and wisdom in our troubled times. Thank you, Father, for giving Gov. Rick Perry the courage to speak out in prayer publicly for your help in these difficult times. We are a Christian nation and should not be afraid to speak up and not listen to criticism of mixing religion and politics. I pray we will all stand up for our Christian rights and look toward God for help.

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