Speak Out 8/7/11

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jetton series

I read the Rod Jetton column in last Sunday's newspaper and was repulsed by his grandstanding. But his later columns and your story really put it all into context. Thank you for sharing his writing. I still have problems with what he did as a man, husband and politician, but God saves all of us if we open our eyes and look to him. My prayer is Jetton lives the way he now professes.

Draconian cuts

MAKING draconian cuts in federal government spending will ensure economic conditions in the U.S. will get worse.

Tea party co-opted

I was surprised that a majority of the House Tea Party Caucus voted for the debt deal. I didn't think they would be co-opted that quickly and succumb to business as usual.

Sullivan column

I applaud Joe Sullivan for his recent column in the Southeast Missourian entitled "The social knot." It is a shame what our future generation is coming to, no communication between people. Very good column. Thank you, Mr. Sullivan.

Rationally argued

IN all of the back and forth arguments for and against passing parking restrictions in certain areas where Southeast Missouri State University students park, one person stood head and shoulders above the others in articulating the point that a too sweeping ordinance would be counterproductive. I do not know this person, but her ability to state her views passionately but rationally would lead me to vote for her in a heartbeat should she choose to run for public office. I hope she does. We need more like her.

Great confessions

IN my view and in the opinion of historians, there are three great public confessions in the history of Western Civilization. They are Augustine's, Abelard and Heloise's and Jean Jacques Rousseau's. I firmly believe future historians will add a fourth: Rod Jetton's.

Thank you, Congress

THANKS to the U.S. Congress for getting our fiscal house in order. The members certainly deserve their summer vacation. Relax and enjoy yourselves.

Government spending

APPARENTLY a lot of misinformed people out there think that cutting government spending in a time of a stagnant economy will help. It will have the opposite effect. The completed debt deal will be a drag on our GDP to the tune of 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent. What we're doing is repeating the Herbert Hoover approach all over. FDR also made the mistake in 1937 of believing the Great Depression was over and reverted to reducing government spending, thus turning around a recovering economy.

Defense spending

ONE silver lining in all of this attention given to the debt deal may be that for the first time in decades we might have a national discussion about the need to make real cuts in defense spending. Since the U.S. spends more on defense than all other nations of the world combined, I think it's high time we gave this serious consideration.

New revenue options

DO the Republicans really believe that we can get by without more revenue? When I can't manage my bills I cut expenses, but I always look for new income by taking an extra job to bring in more money. All this new bill is going to do is cost more jobs. It's part of the Republican plan to bring this President down. When taxes were raised under Clinton didn't we have the best economy ever?

Farmers market

THE new location for Jackson farmers market in the City Park is great. Hopefully more vendors will keep being added; it would be wonderful not to have to drive to Cape Girardeau every week for fresh produce.

Be respectful

EVERYONE needs to be respectful of the couponers. People saving money should not be treated any differently than those paying full price.

Sales tax holiday

I agree with Kelly Davis, who publicly complained that the sales tax holiday is a "boondoggle." I do not agree with the characterization of the policymakers who passed this into law as "well intentioned."

Thanks, Jay

WE, as Cape Girardeau County taxpaying citizens and parents and advocates of our adult disabled children, are happy to have Jay Purcell on our side and in our corner. Thank you, Jay.

Shop locally

NOT-FOR-PROFIT organizations are not to blame for the decrease in the taxes collected for schools and such. We are. Most of the sites on the Internet do not charge sales tax, and people like to save money. You might save a few cents, but you hurt the local economy. I'm not boycotting online shopping, I'm just suggesting that we need to spend less online and support our local businesses and schools.

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