Speak Out 8/5/11

Friday, August 5, 2011

Programs to cut

SUGGESTION to the senior citizens: Don't worry because they're not going to cut your Social Security. I'll tell you programs I would like see cut, the food stamps program and the welfare program. You have people who have never worked.

Player salaries

I got into a discussion today with a guy about salaries for professional athletes. If you're a capitalist and you're a business owner and you're taking risks, then those players are worth every single penny so long as you're making money at the end of the year. I don't understand why people think they have the right to tell a player how much they should get paid. That's a business owner's decision.

Childish behavior

IF the senators and representatives in Washington want to be re-elected, they better shape up. Right now we would not vote for any incumbent. They're acting worse than a 2-year-old. They're supposed to be working for us, not their special interests.

Canada's debt

I read with interest the guest column that was written about the debt in Canada. Canada had debt, even though it wasn't as large as ours. It was $30 billion. They totally reduced their debt by cutting entitlements and not raising taxes, and within four years went from being $38 billion in debt to having a $3 billion surplus. Unfortunately in this country people do not want to realize they need to tighten their belts in order to have this country be a vibrant giant and job-creating entity.

Credit rating

FOR decades, the U.S. has had a "drinks for everybody" mentality, giving away hundreds of billions of dollars around the world. Now that we're broke and over $14 trillion in debt, I'm hearing that it may be more difficult to borrow money because of our lowered credit rating. Come on now, is that really a bad thing? Whatever the circumstances, we must all be cut off at some point.

Delaying sentence

IT'S been almost two years since the horrific killings at Fort Hood, Texas, by Army Maj. Nadal Hassan. Why has he not been sentenced, giving the affected families some peace? Could it be that lawyers are still making duffel bags full of money by dragging this out? I can't imagine any circumstance that could justify this delay.

Noise ordinance

I am calling to comment on the new noise ordinance. It is unbelievable that you would try to have such a law in a college town. I am 69 years old, but I still partied when I went to Southeast. We made a lot of noise and had a good time. If you honestly believe that they enforce this in Columbia you've never been to the University of Missouri. They party all the time -- fraternities, sororities, everybody. That's the most ridiculous law I've ever seen in my life to try to be enforced.

Rising costs

TO the person who was upset about their water bill, wanting to know if anyone else was upset: Yeah, I'm plenty upset about the water bill. Everything has gone up -- water, phone, cable TV and gas. Everything has gone up except my paycheck. I don't even have a computer and cellphone because I can't afford it.

Great reporting

THANK you for the wonderful article about the Cape Girardeau School Board adoption of a policy on conflict of interest. Many people were concerned or confused as to why you bothered reporting on the routine adoption of the policy. It registered with me. Thank you. That policy points directly back to the previous month. During that meeting of the Cape Girardeau School Board, one member voted on an item that directly benefited his wife, something that appears to be a violation of that very policy.

Jetton explanations

A big thanks to former Missouri House speaker Rod Jetton. After reading his explanation as to why he became stressed as a result of all of the work he did to try to change our state for the better, why his marriage fell apart and why he turned to a life that resulted in a criminal conviction, I am completely convinced that it all resulted from his willingness to sacrifice everything for the residents of Missouri.

Job creators?

THERE'S a lot of outrage at the perception that members of Congress won't accept reductions in their compensation while simultaneously asking the rest of the country to do just that. Are people following the news? This is exactly what Democratic members of Congress are proposing. Removing the Bush tax cuts amounts to a reduction in their own salaries. It's the Republican majority that's blocking this. According to Republican logic, we should start calling members of Congress with generous compensation packages "job creators."

Capitalism not perfect

THE near financial collapse of the U.S. in 2008 and the ongoing economic time of troubles resulted from an over-the-top zealous religious faith in a virtually unregulated free market. Sadly, the response by many is to solve our economic hard times by making the free market even more free. The real problem here is the failure to recognize that capitalism, like every other economic system, has inherent weaknesses that need to be monitored and regulated by society to make sure that the system runs as smoothly as possible. Capitalism is the best economic system there is, but it's not perfect.

Facebook pictures

I'M glad the legislature passed a law making it illegal for teachers and students under the age of 18 to be Facebook friends. Now I challenge Jackson administrators to go on Facebook and look at some popular students' pages and view their photos. On the advice of a friend, I did a check of Facebook to see what pictures my 16-year-old is tagged in. As I looked at various pictures on Jackson students' pages, I was relieved to find none of my daughter. But more than a couple showed Jackson teachers at parties, being very affectionate with students.

Truck laws

I'M the person who wrote about people riding in the back of pickup trucks and someone said I need to know the law better. Perhaps it is the police who need to know the law better. After the children got in trouble, I went to the police station to find out what the law was because the children had been told it was legal. I wanted to know exactly what the law was so I could tell my child why what he did was wrong. The police officer at the desk told me that nobody can ride in the back of a pickup without a special permit, which are for parade use only.

Cutting OSHA

IF we want to cut Big Government, we could start with OSHA. All they do is shut down small business. Talk about a joke.

Sullivan column

I applaud Joe Sullivan for his recent column in the Southeast Missourian entitled "The social knot." It is a shame what our future generation is coming to, no communication between people. Very good column. Thank you, Mr. Sullivan.

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