Vanduser voters approve joining rural fire district

Friday, August 5, 2011

VANDUSER, Mo. -- Vanduser voters approved becoming a part of the Scott County Rural Fire Protection District.

All 29 ballots cast in the election were in favor of the measure, according to Scott County Clerk Rita Milam.

"I thought it would pass, but getting a vote of 29 to 0, that's amazing. Usually someone will vote no just to vote no," said Harold Graviett, Vanduser's mayor. "I knew the voter turnout would be light, but that's just unreal to get a 29-0 vote. I'm just proud of my people here in town that got out and showed their support."

Graviett said he is now looking forward to meeting with the Scott County Rural Fire Protection District in the near future "and looking to consolidate our departments."

The vote to be included in the rural fire district was important not only to Vanduser, which is no longer able to support its own fire department, but also to those who live near the city as the Scott County Rural Fire Protection District will be able to offer better protection to those homes, he said.

"I had several people that wanted to vote that lived near Vanduser but couldn't vote because they didn't live in the city limits," Graviett said.

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