Out of the past 7/26/11

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

25 years ago: July 26, 1986

Local farmers have committed more than 4,000 bales of Southeast Missouri hay for livestock producers in the sun-baked Greenville, S.C. area, according to Ed Shilling, spokesman for T.J.'s Truck Exchange and P.J.'s Trucking Co. of Fruitland.

Eighth District congressional candidate Wayne Cryts holds a fundraiser in the evening at Drury Lodge here; congressman Richard Gephardt was the scheduled keynote speaker but was forced to cancel at the last minute to work at tax hearings in Washington, D.C.

50 years ago: July 26, 1961

Final field surveys will be started soon on a sewer interceptor to serve the North Main Street area, but other programming for the city's new sewage-disposal system will be deferred pending a September conference on the new federal pollution law.

Twenty-two Civil Air Patrol cadets -- 11 from Cape Girardeau, eight from Sikeston, Mo., and three from Dexter, Mo. -- go to Scott Field, Ill., in an Air Force C-123 troop carrier for a two-week encampment at the Air Force base.

75 years ago: July 26, 1936

Burwell Fox, a supervisor at the State College Training School, has been granted a leave of absence for one year to take up a similar position at the University of Missouri high school at Columbia; he will supervise the teaching of mathematics at the university school.

A public mission sponsored by the Catholic Motor Missions will be held each night during the coming week at Courthouse Park; the Rev. J.G. Phoenix, formerly of St. Vincent's College and now of DePaul University in Chicago, and the Rev. R.J. Kuchler of the local college will be in charge.

100 years ago: July 26, 1911

Capt. J.M. Shepherd, who has for many years made a specialty of drilling teams for fancy work of all kinds, is in Cape Girardeau and has organized a force of active young men whom he will drill; a hall has been rented on Main Street and there the boys will train; Shepherd calls his team the Zouaves.

E.W. Dugan, president of the George E. Dugan Wall Paper, Paint and Glass Co., of Sedalia, Mo., is here and will remain for a few days to start the work of redecoration and improvement of the federal building.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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