Speak Out 7/26/11

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rebuild now

GOV. Nixon and Rep. Jo Ann Emerson have been wonderful in pushing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers into rebuilding the infrastructure and private property it destroyed. We really need to push for full restoration before the government realizes that it is out of money and in default on its loans.

Floodway repairs

REP. Jo Ann Emerson says floodway repairs are going too slow. They can only do so much with what little money they have. Have your millionaires, billionaires and big businesses pay their share of taxes and you could see the job get done a lot faster. I'm not so sure that the government owes all these farmers as much as they are wanting. How many times do we pay for the same ground?

Jaycee Golf Course

I played Jaycee Golf Course for the first time since the renovation. What a disappointment it was. The greens and fairways were very nice, but the back nine is dangerous. Someone is going to get hurt or killed back there. And how much did that periscope cost on hole No. 11? It serves no purpose at all. It would have been much better and cheaper to keep the old layout and just redo the greens and fairways.

Cutting Social Security

HOW can the government even begin to think about cutting Social Security? This is money the American people worked hard for and paid into. It is not our fault that the government mismanaged the money. We should not be punished for their mistakes.

Tax the wealthy

REPUBLICANS are continuing to favor the wealthy as usual. The focus should be on the taxation of those who can afford it and not trying to blame President Obama for policies that he alone cannot make law. America is hurting, and it is time for those elected officials to step up to the plate and earn their pay.

Bush's fault

IT was a Republican president that got America into this financial mess after coming into a balanced budget left by a Democratic president.

Fix trailers

I would like to know why I can see six trailers hauling lawn mowing equipment while driving across town and not one has working lights. Some are hauling construction equipment, but most are lawn care. The bad thing is sometimes a police car will be behind them and nothing is done. Recently I saw a lawn mowing trailer with no lights on it and six guys in the bed of the truck, which is against the law. It's a cheap fix, $5 to $10 for the lights. Everybody has to run a business, but this is bad. Somebody needs to fix these things.

Rex Sinquefield

I'VE been reading about a wealthy Missourian and am very impressed by his views and philanthropic activities. His name is Rex Sinquefield. I am going to write a song of tribute to him. It will be a variation of a Beatle's classic. The title will be "Sinquefield Forever."

Murdoch's empire

THIS would be a fate worse than death. If Rupert Murdoch's empire completely collapses, a lot of you won't have Fox News to watch day and night, and, even worse, the Southeast Missourian will not have any editorials to reprint from The Wall Street Journal.

Deep in debt

THE U.S. federal government is deep in debt. We must stop spending and go into austerity mode like Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. It will be a terrible hardship not to spend the money that we have become accustomed to spending, but if we go deeper into debt it will be worse in a few years. Where are the elected officials who are brave enough to tell us the truth about spending?

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