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Bankruptcies filed through June for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Tanner, Joshua S. 10560
Jackson, Paulette V. 10573
Jackson, Jason T. 10574
Ash, Clifton D. 10603
Welker, Opal V. 10625
Robinson, Karla J. 10634

Butler County

Ferrill, Patricia D. 10566
Walsh, Tony M. and Chrystal D. 10572
DeProw, Nora M. 10628
Wallace, Tracy E. 10641
Hood, William T. and Judy P. 10643
Gunter, Frank E. and Clara N. 10645
Price, Christy L. 10646
Handschumacher, Robert A. and Daisy M.10647
Crawford, Theresa L. 10648

Cape Girardeau County

Niswonger, Joe F. and Teresa A. 10563
Harmon, Carol A. 10564
Porter, Elbert and Beverly S. 10579
Cartwright, Jerry W. and Krista G.10581
Hopper, Everett A. 10585
Eskew, Larry D. and Robin L. 10588
Alexander, Judy E. 10607
Sparks, William H. 10609
Noel, Roger D. and Margaret J. 10613
Alexander, Judy E. 10607
Long, Wendy J. 10617
Gregory, Lowell E. 10635
Larry, Bernard A. and LaTisha D.10637
Chicora, Jason and Stacey N. 10638
Rogers, John L. and Susan E. 10639
Keller, Charles J. and Sandra L.10649
Thomas, Cecil B. 10650

Dunklin County

Whitmer, Donna M. 10554
Risinger, Jared R. 10559
McCain, Otis V. and Donna G. 10561
Carnett, Jerry D. and Tonya J. 10562
Goodman, Michael B. and Crystal D.10590
Abbott, Gary 10591
Sherfield, Joanna 10592
Graham, Thomas D. and Frances C.10597
Breedon, Stacey D. 10620
Rackley, Janis C. 10640
Rhine, Jeffrey L. and Margo L. 10653

Madison County

Rouse, Steven H. and Lori A. 10556
Biesemeyer, Kelvin L. and Penny J.10627

O'Brien, Michael E. and Jennie L. White-O'Brien

Mississippi County

Lewis, William B. 10589
Wheatley, Paul G. and Laura E. 10612
Lewis, Helen L. 10623

New Madrid County

Morrison, Betty L. 10578
Cowart, David W. and Sharon E. 10582
Copeland, Allen M. 10598
Williams, Jerry G. and Stacy D. 10604
Tittle, Rickey J. and Deborah S.10615
Elder, Steven W. and Jamie D. 10624

Pemiscot County

McCaig, Bridget E. 10576
Tate-Sheets, Elizabeth A. 10580
Flood, Courtney L. 10630
Eveland, Terry E. and Audrey N. 10631
Raymond, Melissa G. 10632
Samford, Travis D. 10633

Perry County

Zettler, Irene G. 10586
Dettmer, John R. 10587
Johnson, James R. 10593
Bishop, Tina M. 10594
French, Trevor S. 10596
Terbrak, Lester L. and Tina M. 10610
Wooldridge, Henry R. and Mindy M.10629

Reynolds County

Smith, Thomas M. and Kathleen F.10652

Ripley County

Toles, Kathy A. 10565
Sanders, Carrie A. 10583
Burgard, Charles A. and Gracie L.10644

Scott County

Webb, Norman W. and Rose M. 10571
Jones, Gary W. and Marilyn K. 10577
Campbell, Darin N. 10584
Douglas, Brannon G. and Meagan N.10595
Todd, Jeffrey M. 10600
Bonner, Sharon K. 10601
Isom, Mary A. 10606
Cummins, Kenneth E. and Rebecca M.10608
Gettings, Terry N. and Susan D. 10611
Murphy, Pamela L. 10614
Eakins, Heather D. 10616
Ray, Misty N. 10621
Williams, Guy B. 10626
Jones, Wesley L. and Nancy J. 10636

Shannon County

Russell, Kenny R. and Bonnie J. 10619

Stoddard County

Craft, Loretta L. 10558
Bostic, Dale E. and Joyce M. 10567
Johnson, Paul G. and Tammy D. 10568
Morrison, Edgar D. and Julie A. 10569
Surface, Nathan L. and Chanta D.10570
Johnson, Robert L. and Regina L.10575
Jones, Richard P. and Jeannie K.10599
Baird, Garry L. and Sheila M. 10602
Rice, Jeanette 10605
Poe, Pansy I. 10618
Estes, Heath S. and Chasity L. 10622
Wells, Farril D. and Barbara A. 10642
Clary, Latisha D. 10654

Wayne County

Dees, Theresa P. 10555
Clubb, Gerald L. and Carol J. 10557
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