Tax liens

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cape Girardeau County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Scott R. Clark, recorder of deeds, during June are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 243-8123.


Burns, Curtis W.

Colon, Amy C.

Craft, Dwight

Creed, Douglas H.

Dennis, Yvonne Y.

Gendron, Rodney D.

Handy, Terry L.

King, Sandra K.

McLemore, Carol A.

Naeter, Fred W.

Peukert, William L.

Reid, John W. (deceased)

Sharp, Georgianna (deceased)

Shirrell, Charles R.

Skelton, Kara F.

Smiley, George R.

Stegall, Dennis

Williams, Joyce A. and Willie (deceased)

Shoemake, Lynn D. (2)

Craig, Mitchell G.

Cardinal Cement Finishing Inc.

Custom Building Products Inc.

Kimbel, Rebecca

Chidester, Melvin R.

Koerner, Steven

Mitchell, Gordon C.


BW & VW Retail Holding Co.

Miracle Supply Co. Inc.

Petzoldt, Debra D.

Steers, Krissty

Blyzes, Curtis A. and Salena C.

Brashear, Jon

Colter, Lois M.

Froemsdorf, Pamela G.

Graves, Geraldine

Hendricks, Hays B. and Steven E.

Hobbs, Harrell

Kroenning, Irma M.

Newell, Billy J.

Silas, David J.

Strohmeyer, Gerry F. and Joan F.

Tingle, Elva

Adams, Robert

Special Touch Pet Grooming

Eakin, Christopher S.

Eakin, Heather E.

Friese, Lori

Hendrix, Richard D.

Jackson Diner Inc. (2)

Majeed, Asif

Majeed, Toni A.

Eakin, Michael S.

Epps, David C.

Lesch, Heather M. Wilson and Ronnie L.

Poirrier, Kristy R.

Ware, Marcia L.

ASAAT Preschool

B Tan Tanning Salon Inc.

Brown, Eric

Brown, Eric, IRS

Data Business Systems Inc.

Demopoulos, Autumn

Ibes of America Inc.

Lamouria, Joshua J.

Midwest Entities

Schott & Co.

Bennett, Earl E.

Johnson, Andrew

KMills Construction Inc.

Patrick Construction & Investments Inc.

Progressive Dental Expressions

Rhema Word Breakthrough International Ministries

Storder, Daniel E.

Bolen, Mary A.

Burnell, David C.

Cass, Clayton L.

Clayton, Dana

Drury, William

Francis, Michael

Hale, J. and Maxine M.

Hernandez, Richard P. (deceased)

Kirkwood, Pamela S.

Pierce, Edward B.

Pinkley, Ina E. (deceased)

Seyer, Donna L.

Staggs, Bobby and Terra

Wilkins, Cline

Roy's Tire & Auto Inc.

D&L Pest Control Inc.

Illers, Donna

Real Time Loads, IRS

Wildhaber, Cheryl and Robert E., IRS

Baker, Kimberly A., IRS

Benton, Pamela J., IRS

Johnson, James W. and Janice N., IRS

Teiber, Judy A., IRS

Schemel, Randolph W. and Stroke Prevention Plus MO, IRS

Fast, Scott, IRS


Taylor, David A.

Buck, Tamara Z. (2)

Diebold, Vincent K.

Schenimann, Robert

Welbilt Walkins

Busey Truck Equipment Inc.

Copanas, Franklin W. Jr.

Fadler, Rodney L.

Sparkman, Paul W.

Koerner, Seven

Nance, Herbert

Wehrle, Melinda S. (5)

Alberson, F. and Rebecah M.

Crawford, Dana M.

Keeble, Charles and Geraldine M.

McLemore, Carol A. and Steven D.

Rosen, Michael K.

Webster, Curt

Osborn, Bob

Osborn, Rob A.

ASAAT Preschool LLC

International Brian Foundation

Justin Harvel & Associates

Lodo LLC (2)

Parrish, Tajuan

Craiglow, Mason K.

Gilliland, Billy J.

Webster, David G. and Misty D.

Wilson, Sherry A.

Wilthong, Kevin W. and Leann M.

Mansfield, Kelly A. and Stacy W.

Casa Mexicana Inc. (2)

Sam's East Inc.

Barrett, Aaron J. and Dana G.

Gendron, Denise J. and Rodney D.

Morris, Felicia E.

Mungle, Norma J. and Wilson J.

Welker, Larry J.

Creative Edge Inc., IRS

B.L. Ogborn DDS Inc., IRS

Brown, Eric, and New Millinium Barber & Hairstyling, IRS

Francis, Becky D. and William D, IRS

Scott County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tom Dirnberger, recorder of deeds, during June are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 545-3551.


Ag Tech Inc.

Alexander, Kevin

Americana Companies Inc.

Ancell, Walter C. (deceased)

Angel Wings Express LLC

AR Curtis Inc. (2)

Arnold, Brian R.

Beck, Gerald L.

Bess, Elizabeth L.

Brigman, Daniel B. and Donna M.

Brooks, Michael W.

Burton, Victor B. and Lori A., IRS

Carlisle, Loren K. and Jessica M.

Chidester, Melvin R.

Curtis, Vicki M.

Dale, Richard A.

Dannenmueller, Judith A.

Eakin, Christopher S.

Eakin, Heather E.

Eftink, Charles B.

Estes, Billy L.

Raburn Evans Glass Service Inc. (2)

First Choice Healthcare PC

Fox, Sherry L.

G and D Communications Inc. (2)

Gater, Jethro

Greenlee, John A. (U.S. District Court)

Grogan, Jerome H.

Hawkins, Earl D. and Christina D.

Holloway, Karen F.

Hudson, Debra J.

Jarvis, Dianne

Johnson, Donnell

Kaiser, William J. and Janie A.

Kerr, Kirk A. and Rita J.

Kircher, Lila J.

Kluesner, Dolly

Kolwyck, Tonya L.

Landewee, David

Laubach, Terrie L.

Mason, James H.

Masterson, Thomas and Carol

McAlister, Talmas W. and Lena, IRS

McCracken, Elex Jr.

Meador, Jerry

Mid State Carriers Inc.

Nichols, Carissa N.

Parker, Earl L.

Parker, Milton Jr. (deceased)

Parr Heating and Cooling Inc. (2)

Patrick, James U.

Penfield Trucking LLC

Perkins, Johnie M.

Peters, Robert M.

Poyner, James D., IRS

R and R Enterprises of Sikeston

Rataj, Leigh A.

RMS Charleston Inc. (2)

Roberts, Ted and Kathleen

Roberts, Theodore W.

Sauceda, Miranda D.

Seitz, Cherie A.

Show Me Transporter Inc. (2)

Strickland, Van Jr. (deceased)

Sutherland, Cynthia

Talley, James B. and Kelly A.

Thatch, Margaret

Thatch, Margaret J., IRS

Tucker, Dorothy (2)

United Ridge Farms Inc.

Vozar, John R.

Williams, Marquita

Wilson, Lola


Adkisson, Peggy S. (2)

Akins, Martha J.

Applewhite, Vella M.

Baker, William F.

Beck, Gerald L.

Bonner, Wilma Jr.

Clover, Carl and Tammy S.

Collins, Brenda L.

Copeland, Deirdre A.

Cosby, Gary

Cranfield, Daniel, et al

Didit, IRS

Dollar, Paul E.

Fuchs, Robert B.

G and D Communications Inc. (3)

Gardner, Darryl T.

Green, Scott

Griffin, Sarah R.

Halton, Jerri R.

Ham, Lisa G. (2)

Hettenhouser, April R.

Hurt, Doyle R.

McPhail, Kristi G.

Merritt, Rebekah, et al

Newman, Austin

Newman, Katelyn B.

Penfield Trucking LLC

Quinn, Bernard

Warfield, Jackie

Whitworth, Randy D. and Billie S.

Williams, Mark A. (IRS, partial release)

Wright, Arthur C.

Stoddard County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Kay Asbell, recorder of deeds, during June are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 568-3444.


Eskew, Dale J.

Henry, Don L.

Seals, Gail

Watkins and Sons Funeral Home

Hampton, Keith

Hayes, David

Clifton, Gary D.

Curtis, Don M.

Gibson, Hughie O. II

Jones Building Inc.

Lay, Robert

McGowen, Deborah

Peters, Robert M.

Sauceda, Miranda D.

Shake, Melanie

Gross, Kyle G., IRS

Warehouse Bar-B-Que Co. Inc.

Dexter General Construction

Easy Cash

McAdams, Charles

Thomas, Jeff

Tow Trucking Inc.

Jones, Tammy

Page, Thaddeus J.

Pyles, Matthew L.

Sloan, Jimmy L.

Stafford, Randal D.

Summers, Gary L.

Malloy, Jeffery A. and Ladon M., IRS

Malloy, Jeffery

Brewer, Terry C.

Mace, Virgil

McDonald, Paul M.

SF Trucking Inc.

Thompson, Stephen C.

Bootheel Motors Inc.


Mims, Steven R.

Seals, Gail

Essex Onestop

Wilkison, Sharon M.

Burger King Corp.

Jones, Hiram L.

Jones, Matt E.

Revell, Richard

Williams, Sheila (2)

Malloy, Ladon

Teets, Wilma

Brasser, Cheryl

Laws, Doyle G.

Stucker, Daniel F.

Davidson, Kenneth

Brewer, Terry C.

Cummings, Otis S. (2)

Medler, Ross D.

Watkins and Sons Funeral Service Inc.

Kimball, David E.

Lewis, Maxwell L.

Miller, Anna E.

Priggel, June F.

Sandage, Robert A.

Sandlin, Calvin R.

Hall, Timbra L.

Pixley, Anthony W.

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