Speak Out 7/21/11

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Money wasted

I'M listening to TV and they're talking about the weak recovery and they're wondering why this is happening. People should look at our president and how he wants to turn our country into a socialist country and how he likes to borrow money so he can give it away, just like the plan where he used that $800 billion to throw away. It will be like a Louisiana flood, and most of it will go to crooks.

Rental inspection

I heard a few months back where they were going to try to make the landlords have an inspection on their rental property to make sure they were keeping the property up-to-date. As a renter, I think that is an excellent idea. We had mold in our house we used to rent for almost four years, and our landlord wouldn't do anything about it. We had a water problem and he wouldn't do anything about the water problem. And the mold got so bad it caused our family to have some health problems. So I'm behind that. I think if you can do that and keep these landlords to where they'll keep a clean living space for the renters, that is an excellent idea. I'd like to see the city pursue that.

Park projects

I saw in the paper recently that Julia Thompson was taking over as Cape Girardeau parks director. I read that she's from Florida, and I think that's good and it sounds like she's got a lot of experience. I just hope that Julia can do something really nice for Capaha Park because it needs more pavilions and it needs more bathrooms. Now that the pool is gone, we need something really neat there for the children, and we need more shelters at that park. I think it would be a good idea if maybe she'd put a bathroom at the Dennis Scivally Park as well.

Thank you

OUR grandson recently pulled into one of these local gas stations and tried to use his starter checks to pay for $40 worth of gas, which he had done before. He was told he could not use these starter checks and would be put down on the police report as taking gas without paying. A gentleman stood behind him and gave our grandson $40 to pay for the gas. I want to thank this gentleman for the goodness of his heart, and I got up in church on Sunday and asked to thank God, too. We need more people like this gentleman in this world.

Prosecuting attorney

OUR prosecuting attorney thinks it's acceptable to have sexual relationships with crime victims. That's pretty ugly. Now where are we going to find an honest lawyer to be our next prosecuting attorney?

Too many bars

THERE are enough bars in this town. Can't watch the news or read the paper without some kind of violence.

SEMO parking

I'VE had six grandkids, two daughters and one daughter-in-law go to Southeast Missouri State University, and the only complaint any have ever had was parking. I just wonder why they can't do something about the parking there.

Great fireworks

WE want to thank our neighbor for the beautiful fireworks display in Oran, Mo. Our whole town enjoys this each year. The show lasts more than two hours, and it is time we say thank you.

Parking solution

I can tell those people living up there by the college how to get rid of the college students parking there. All they've got to do is go out and buy four or five cars that cost $100 apiece, license them and park them on the street. Then they can't park there.

Jackson potholes

JUST wanted to know if anyone else has noticed at the four-way stop light in Jackson in front of the police station that there is a big hole in the pavement by the railroad tracks and also big potholes. Who is responsible for fixing these?


I was just wondering if anyone has noticed the big eyesore at the corner of Highway 72 and East Lane. I wonder how the owner would like this in their neighborhood.

Tax break

THE millionaires will have to go to bed hungry if the Democrats make them take a tax break. Everyone knows the senior citizens should take a cut in Medicare and Social Security so the millionaires don't have to pay more taxes. These old people don't need much.

Pull together

I think President Obama is doing a pretty decent job. It was a tough job whenever he stepped in and ran for president, but it was going to be a tough job no matter who became president because of the difficulties and the problems that were handed to him. It's going to take President Obama and Democrats and Republicans in Congress pulling together.

Shut mailbox

MR. mailman who delivers on Perryville Road: Could you possible remember to shut our mailbox? You have forgotten it several times, and our mail has almost fallen out. So if you could please shut it, we would appreciate it.

Pin head

I keep watching FOX to see if O'Reilly is going to call Rupert Murdock a pinhead. But it hasn't happened yet. I'm waiting.


OUR president said that our government may not be able to send out Social Security checks, checks to retired veterans or disability checks. However, he didn't mention welfare checks. I wonder if this is an oversight or if welfare recipients will continue to get their monthly check.

Jobs for who?

WHAT jobs are the millionaires, billionaires and rich creating? They are creating jobs for Republican presidential candidates and their high-paid staff. That is all the jobs they are going to create. There are more candidates than fish in a barrel, and none of them are worth as much as one of the fish.

Greedy Republicans

WHAT are all the greedy Republicans going do with all their money when they won't be able to buy, sell or trade?

Feeding egos

FIRE all of the current senators and representatives and take away all of their insurance and retirement that we the taxpayers pay for. They are not doing what is best for the country. They are looking at how it benefits them and how it will get them re-elected. When they say they want to serve the country, they are really meaning they want to feed their egos.

Student input

Southeast Missouri State University students will have a lot of opportunities to give the Cape Girardeau City Council input as to the proposed parking changes on Normal Avenue. The students should be satisfied when they've had their say and encouraged that their views will be ignored in a civil manner.

Tick trap

THE tick trap is a great idea, and I plan to buy several for work. I have never in my life worked or played in an area like I've been in for the past three years. On average, I can pull 30 to 40 ticks off me on any given day. Now what we need is a flea trap for inside the home. Did someone say millions?

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