Out of the past 7/21/11

Thursday, July 21, 2011

25 years ago: July 21, 1986

Democratic congressional candidate Wayne Crites has received nearly 65 percent of his campaign contributions from union organizations, while Republican incumbent Bill Emerson has received 54.4 percent of his contributions from political action committees, according to campaign disclosure statements.

The release of up to $2 million in Corps of Engineers funds for the dredging of an 1,800-foot slackwater harbor at the Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority is announced at a special meeting.

50 years ago: July 21, 1961

A convoy of trucks rolling toward Minnesota is carrying Southeast Missouri National Guard troops to their annual two weeks of summer training at Camp Ripley; Headquarters and Headquarters Co. and the Combat Support Co. of the First Battalion Group, the Cape Girardeau units, are met here by Company D of Charleston, Mo., and move out at 6 a.m.

Presiding Judge Robert S. Cunningham says the county court probably will act Monday to appoint a licensed physician as health officer to continue the county milk and Cape Girardeau restaurant inspection programs.

75 years ago: July 21, 1936

The giant 350-foot stack under construction at the Marquette Cement Mfg. Co. plant here is rapidly taking shape; the first 11 sections, or 80 feet of it, have been put in place.

What he hopefully looked forward to as a boon has turned out to be tragedy for one aged man of the county, whose troubles were aired before the county court yesterday; his $10 a month pension check isn't enough to maintain him in a private residence, but it effectively bars him from the county home; under the law, anyone receiving state pensions is automatically ineligible for admission to the county home.

100 years ago: July 21, 1911

Mayor J.D. Gillispy and Marshal W.C. Morgan of Oran, Mo., were ousted from their offices last week by action of the city council.

A new building on Broadway will be constructed within the next few weeks and will be ready for occupancy before snow flies, if the plans of Dr. M.A. Grissom and Florence Martin, his mother-in-law, are successful; the new building will occupy the lot on the south side of Broadway next to the present Grissom building, which is at the Spanish Street corner.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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