Speak Out 7/12/11

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Entitlement mentality

I have a comment about the person who called in about welfare children trying to do better for themselves. That is not true. There are generations of families that stay on welfare because they believe that they are entitled to it. Their parents got it, their grandparents got it, they're going to get it and their children are going to get it. They believe they are entitled to the free money, the free housing, the free food, the free everything they get, and they're not entitled to it.

Helmets, books

I was wondering how come Scott City schools can afford new state-of-the-art football helmets that were approved by the school board last week for all their football players but they cannot afford books for every student in the classrooms where students who need them to study with cannot bring them home. How is this possible? Are sports more important than education?


MY father is going through a serious procedure for a serious illness. My family is upset and anxious as you would expect. One of the main problems is people who feel they have to share their horror stories with us like, "Oh, my friend, my cousin or even my dad had this and it was awful and it ended up they didn't make it anyway." My mother is so torn up by all of this, she doesn't even want to answer the phone or talk to people when she sees them. Please, people, if you can't say something positive, don't say anything at all. We will accept your prayers and your well-wishes, not your stories. We are sorry for them, but now is not the time to share them, please. Thank you.

Anthem song

I would like to express my desire, along with hundreds of thousands of other people, to make "America the Beautiful" our anthem song instead of the other one. We need that. It describes our countryside. It is wonderful. Let's go back to "America the Beautiful."

Jackson fireworks

I wanted to congratulate the folks in Jackson that put on a beautiful fireworks display. Only in America can you see something so beautiful that's absolutely free.

'Trashy' yard

THIS is for the people who live north of Winks on Perryville Road. I drive by this house every day, and their yard looks trashy. The pole light in front of the house is hanging by a thread. Put it back up or take it down. And your bushes have been dead as a door nail since last year. Those need to be replaced. They have several people living there, it looks like, lots of cars. So they really need to take care of their yard. This is a nice area. Try to keep it looking good.

Capaha pond

I wanted to comment about Capaha Park's pond, the lagoon as they call it. I've passed by it on Broadway several times, and I've seen the lagoon get uglier and uglier as it goes by. They don't keep it clean. It used to be a pretty pond for a park, but it hasn't been that way in quite some time. So if the city doesn't want to take the time to keep that pond up, why don't they just make it an outdoor ice skating rink so people can at least enjoy something in that park besides baseball? They've torn down the swimming pool. Now we've let the pond go to where it looks terrible. Either keep the park up for something besides baseball or let's make it an outdoor ice skating rink.

Automated phones

I can tell you how they can create more jobs for the citizens of the United States. Get rid of all the automated services. Have the telephone company go back to live operators instead of that automatic system they have. The unemployment office should be in the area where the people work, not in Jefferson City's call center, which takes forever to get through to. They have no way of contacting the office unless it's during their hours, and trying to get somebody on the telephone is ridiculous.

Huckabee calls

I think Mike Huckabee needs to stick to his music and stop bullying people on the telephone, telling them to vote against Obama.

Liquor licenses

I think the city council would be right on in limiting liquor licenses in Cape Girardeau. Many cities, large and small, where I come from have done this for years. We have a perfect opportunity now to make downtown Cape Girardeau a fun, family place. Branson is such a place. Years back Riverfest was fun for the kids until downtown became beer city. Most families were afraid to go. Please, council members, now is the chance to show our youngsters and teenagers that drinking is not cool for teens. If adults really cared they would show a better example and practice what they preach. Beer, wine, any kind of alcohol is mind altering.

Thanks, Debra

I applaud Debra Tracy for her efforts to control some of the alcohol in Cape Girardeau. I urge her fellow council members to do the same. Please don't only look at the dollar sign for your answers.

Thank you

I wanted to call and thank the person who found my coin purse at Walmart in Jackson and turned it into the service desk. Thank you.

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