Speak Out 7/10/11

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tax loopholes

CLOSING tax loopholes is not raising taxes. It's called paying your fair share.

Great display

DID anyone see the fireworks in Jackson Ridge Subdivision? I would like to congratulate the people who did the display. It was wonderful.

'Mr. Doggy'

IF Joe Sullivan were to adopt a puppy some day, would he call him "Mr. Doggy?"

Great selection

CONGRATULATIONS to David Hitt for winning the Spirit of America Award. That's a great selection!

'Empty suit'

DOES anyone doubt that Obama is in way over his head? All he has proved positively in the past four years is that he knows how to run a campaign while keeping his intentions hidden. He's an empty suit.

Limbaugh doozy

DAVID Limbaugh writes some real doozies, but his "What if Obama had said this" column was one of the weirdest yet. I'm a conservative and no fan of the president, but Limbaugh is living in a fantasy land if he thinks Obama should deliver the political suicide note that Limbaugh suggests. Personally, I think it would be good for the country, as well as good for Obama politically, if he were to deal with the debt and entitlements in a responsible way and stop demagoguing Republicans. But the way Limbaugh wrote his column just makes Limbaugh look like a vindictive, small-minded zealot and not a serious thinker. If you want to put words in Obama's mouth and encourage responsible rhetoric about the country's challenges, do it in a way that's productive rather than suggesting some sort of mea culpa for every ill. Such writing actually hurts Limbaugh's cause.

Gov. affiliation

SOMEONE recently pointed out that Blago was a Democrat. That's correct. One of his predecessors, the long imprisoned Governor George Ryan, was a Republican.

'Love thy neighbor'

OUR subdivision recently contracted to be connected to the city sewer system with costs shared by everyone in the subdivision. The city asked that we give an easement for the sewer line, which we freely did. After installation the final bill comes, and four land owners refused to give the easement unless compensated a total of $12,000. Guess who paid them the $12,000? The 16 other neighbors. So much for love thy neighbor.

Family man

PRESIDENT Obama is such I wonderful person, father and overall family man that I am going to vote for his re-election because he serves as a desperately needed role model for so many millions in this country.

Abdicating leadership

I hope people remember how hypocritical President Obama is when the election comes around. He complains about Congress not working, and then he takes vacation after vacation and wastes time on the golf course when big events are happening. He has totally abdicated his leadership role. Yeah, I know, he passed health care reform, which is an abomination that is dragging down the economy. But he did that by letting Nancy Pelosi write it, which is why it's so bad. The man has no true leadership skills and it shows.

Corbin's column

I couldn't stop laughing reading Paul Corbin's column in TBY. What a great philosophy piece that turned into a crafty amusement. The only thing is that I know the feeling. I don't want to be a senior citizen either, but it has a way of sneaking up on you. But oh what fun it is to live life with such a sense of humor. Thanks, Paul.

Great fireworks

I thought the fireworks at Arena Park were outstanding. Good job, veterans. You really brought a lot of joy to people in town.

David Hitt

CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Hitt for winning the Southeast Missourian Spirit of America Award. It couldn't have gone to a more appropriate person. He has really helped make Jackson a much better place.

Family time

I read in the newspaper where Rodger Brown with the veterans group said people say they want more things to do in this area but then don't participate or support events that are organized. He's right. But that's because we like spending time with our families on holidays. The time we need more activities is during regular Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. And they should all be free, and they need to be better than concerts we see on TV. And they need to serve beer.

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