The Forgotten Soldier

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last weekend as most of us celebrated Independence Day with family and friends, delicious food and shot off or watched fireworks displays, many soldiers fighting to preserve our freedoms were far away from their families without some of the most basic comforts we too often take for granted. Among them: toothbrushes and good underwear.

For Brittany Ivie, as for many other military spouses and family members, there is a passion to make sure those fighting for us have a little piece of home. Using her own money, Ivie started the Forgotten Solder, a project to send letters and care packages to those alongside her husband, Spc. Zachary Ivie, a soldier with the Army's 73rd Engineer Company, in Afghanistan.

Items sent are some of the most basic, but for those thousands of miles away from home they are much appreciated.

Ivie and her mother are looking to expand the Forgotten Solder project and are looking to local churches and businesses to come on board. And while they understand some individuals may not have the resources to send multiple items, sending something small like a toothbrush or a letter from home is appreciated by these men and women overseas.

To learn more about the Forgotten Soldier, email Brittany Ivie at op.forgotten.soldier@gmail.com. Letters or donated items can be mailed to Brittany Ivie, P.O. Box 8, Millersville, MO 63766.

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