Speak Out 7/3/11

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Romney is reasonable

FOR Mitt Romney to be compared to John Kerry is an honor because it was a disgrace what the Republican Party did to John Kerry. The swift boating of that man was totally unjust. Romney will bring a reasonableness to government.

City responsibility

I want to say a word about the city, how they're wanting to annex property and in some subdivisions they have taken in some new ones. Yet there are houses in areas such as Ferguson and Timon Way along Bend Road that don't even have sewer service. For 30 years they've had it, and they haven't put the sewers in there. I wonder why the city keeps doing this? Also, they want to inspect rental property when they can't even take care of what they've got.

Special needs support

I am the mother of a special needs person who has received behavioral and counseling services from Bob Dale for several years. I can say without reservation that Bob was very caring and especially helpful with finding resources -- educational, social and physical. Because of his support, intervention and counseling, her situation is much improved. The mental health system in this country is under funded and overwhelmed. We need more people like Bob Dale who truly are interested in the welfare of special needs persons, to motivate and lead us and to better care for our special needs population.

Government's folly

IN the June 26 paper, I saw that Washington is to experiment with a power grid. They said no one is quite sure what will be affected. Come on. They messed up with our television with a converter box. What's next? When they say "not quite sure what will be affected," watch out for our appliances, heating and cooling and also Lord help us.

Great interview

NICE article about Gary Elders in Walmart, and I had already noticed the local T-shirts and so forth. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's time we tooted our own horn.

Obama family travel

WE'RE not taking any major vacation this year. We might take some mini vacations. So I think it's wrong of the caller to whine about Michelle Obama traveling for our nation, being a good ambassador. I don't know, but I haven't seen a breakdown of the trips. I don't know how many trips George Bush and his wife Laura took and the breakdown on their children, Jenna and Barbara. But the point is, this was President Bush that was plunging us into debt with expensive wars. They were probably taking trips of some sort. So don't begrudge trips for our president's wife when she's serving our nation and her daughters.

Water park

WE are residents of Cape Girardeau and have a family pass to the water park. Our niece is staying with us for an extended visit this summer, and our great city won't let us add her to our family pass because we can't claim her on our taxes. Thanks, Cape Girardeau, for bilking a lot more money out of our pockets. I'm beginning to see why people are not coming to our water park.

Democrat dog

MY dog is a Democrat. He expects and generally gets free food, free medical care, free transportation, free lodging, and he sleeps 20 hours a day. He doesn't care if the money runs low at the end of the month. Just borrow some so his cushy lifestyle is maintained. In fact I think I will rename him Barack. He is adopted and has a murky past. He is supposed to have papers, but I have never seen them. He has had a couple of different names. I think he went to obedience school, but there is no record of him ever attending. He will roll over and let anyone rub his belly, especially if there is a handout. He cowers when in the presence of foreign dogs. He will not listen to reason.

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