Apartment Gardening

Saturday, July 2, 2011
Milton with his container garden

Home grown tomatoes by 4th of July.

Goliath variety, 2 plants pruned and tied to trellis.

Planted mid April.

Pruning- -succor that comes near first set of blooms grows faster than others and will grow rqual to main stem (called two stem method)prune all other succors.

Milton- ripe tomatoes by his birthday July 1st. Grew up on vegetable farm in St. Louis County. First job at 12 years time tomatoes.

Milton and brother Jerry moved to Mississippi County in 1972. Grew tomato and bedding plants for garden centers in Southeast Missouri- largest customers were Sunny Hill - Bill and Ramona Brinkhoff were owners then, and Pioneer Orchard market in Jackson. A lot of home gardens in Cape area had tomato plants from Muellers.

Milton retired to Saxony Village in 2004 has a row in the community gaden and this year wanted to see if he could grow in containers at his apartment as an alternative, when his Parkensens would no longer permit him to go to the garden.

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