Speak Out 7/1/11

Friday, July 1, 2011

Great cheese

THERE used to be a restaurant in Cape Girardeau, a drive-in restaurant on Broadway called Pfister's Drive In. They had a really great cheese sandwich. It was served open-faced on a long bun, and I would like to know if anyone remembers what kind of cheese they used on their cheese sandwiches. Pfister's Drive In went out of business I think almost 50 years ago. I'd appreciate it if someone would call and say they did remember if it was provolone with mild cheddar or what it was. Thank you very much.

Welfare children

THE studies have shown that children who grow up with welfare parents or without parents are not themselves that way. Part of the reason is there's no pride having to stand there and have judgmental looks that your parents are using food stamps. Also, I keep a neutral look on my face, but I think there are some jerks out there. There are those who have to notice everything a person puts in their grocery basket. There's plenty of judgmental people out there. Also, welfare recipients' children know, and they don't want to repeat the mistake of their parents. They don't want the stigma, and they do try to do better for themselves.

Entitlements, wildlife

ENTITLEMENTS remind me of feeding wildlife. You continue to give the food to wildlife and they don't know how to forage for themselves, they don't know how to take care of themselves. That's the way people are today. They sit and expect all this money and support when they don't have to go out and take care of themselves. So the entitlements need to be eased off and slowly make individuals more dependent on themselves and independent of the government.

Cape's Big Government

WE are fighting bigger government in Washington but ignoring the growth of Big Government here in Cape Girardeau. The latest is city inspections of rental property. Everything regulated requires an organization and money. It usually starts small and then grows and grows. Who will pay for the personnel needed to set up a new city regulatory office? One way or another, it will be the people. Somebody is sitting around with nothing better to do than dream up ideas on how to make Cape Girardeau government more intrusive into people's affairs, more bureaucratic and more expensive.

Rental inspectors

I want to comment about all the people in Cape Girardeau that want to have inspectors and pass all kind of rules, like they tried first with keeping people from smoking at private businesses. I thought a good name for that would have been "Stop Smokers." It would have been the SS. Now they're going to inspect houses and charge people $50 for renting a house. Can you imagine some of these poor people? We're going to have a homeless situation here in Cape Girardeau out of this world. I agree houses should be safe, but we do not need any government snoops going around checking. All you have to do is see what happens when you do that. Look at these big cities. They've got all kind of inspections in Detroit, St. Louis and places like that, and you wind up with slums and buildings torn down and the poor people end up on the streets.

Missing Bill

IT'S 5:30 Saturday afternoon on Allen Drive in Woodland Hills Subdivision and we just got our mail. I sure do miss Bill and his good service. He's not like some of the others that I've seen sitting around waiting for overtime.

Wearing bluejeans

PEOPLE who make their living by the sweat of their brow mostly wear bluejeans. Take for example carpenters, welders, assembly-line workers, etc. People who wear dress slacks, shirts and ties generally make their living from people who wear bluejeans. So as not to be confused with the latter, I will continue to wear bluejeans to church.

Private doctors

WHILE I appreciate the Missourian's glowing coverage of our area's two largest hospitals and their new medical centers, let's not forget to cover and support our local medical practices. These private physicians also offer quality care to their patients in a community where their competitors are physicians who have recently been bought out by the hospitals. If you think it's easy for these private doctors to keep their head above water against these wealthy hospitals, think again. Please give them the write-ups that they too deserve.

Romney is reasonable

FOR Mitt Romney to be compared to John Kerry is an honor because it was a disgrace what the Republican Party did to John Kerry. The swift boating of that man was totally unjust. Romney will bring a reasonableness to government.

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