Tax liens

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cape Girardeau County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Scott R. Clark, recorder of deeds, during May are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 243-8123.


Mollie's LLC, IRS

Brown, Eric and New Millinium Barber & Hairstyling, IRS

Hahs, Jeffrey L., IRS (2)

Elliott Real Estate and Elliott, Theodore A., IRS

Schott & Associates, IRS

Hinkebein Hills Farm II and Hinkebein, Karlios J., IRS

Meyer, Craig, IRS

Nabors, Jonathon D. and Susan Y., IRS

Nabors, Jonathon D., IRS

Baker, Kimberly A., IRS

Shandy, James, IRS

Rigdon, Claire and Mark J., IRS

Roy's Tire and Auto Inc., IRS

Roy's Tire and Auto Inc.

D&K Enterprises Inc., IRS

Smitty's Bar & Grill, IRS

Busey Truck Equipment Inc.

Clark, Aaron R.

Coram, Richard G.

Elfrink, Daniel J. and Patricia A.

Majors, Christopher

Nenninger, Roger P.

Pombert, Penny L. and Randolph L.

Roberts, Daniel E.

Scheper, Gary C.

Stoffregen, Amy N. and Jessie A.

Townsend, Jerome D.

Williams, James F. III

Lodo LLC (2)

Parrish Tajuan

Eaton, James D.

Gonzalez, Deanna R.

Goodin, Janet and Lester

Hurt, Garry W. and Patricia D.

Loso, Ted D.

Marshall, Carol J.

Sparks, Terry K. and William H.

Sparks, William H.

Underwood, Raymond

Warren, Sonney J.

Williams, Hazel M.

Menz, Evelyn

Mason, Kyle

Lape, Kevin T. and Tracy D.

Kistner, Ronald E.

Hopper, Everett A. and Joan M. (deceased)

Griffin, Diana L. and Gary D.

Essman, James (deceased)

Carroll, John F. and Lynsey D.

Appel, Harold L.

Schott & Co. PC

KMills Construction Inc.

Data Business Systems Inc.

Given Imaging Inc.

Heartland Women Specialists

Tumbleson Inc.

Dumars, Martha

River City Health Clinic Inc.

Carattini, Israel and Jacqueline L.

Casper, Gerald W.

Friend, Margaret L.

Leisure, Russell A.

Mehrhoff, Brent P.

Menz, Evelyn

Terry, Glenn B.

Wright, Walter

Zimmer, Jody

Wheeler, Amanda M. and Steven T.

Thompson, Pearl C. (deceased)

Sinnott, James

Sampson, Charles

Reynolds, Gerald W.

Reitzel, Olga

Reisenbichler, Donald E.

Osborn, Chris

McHaney, James R.

Mathes, Mike and Shelley R.

Martin, Marcella M.

Lipe, Helen

Lange, Randy

Kuntze, Richard K.

Hutson, James G. and Melody G.

Hendrix, Leslie A.

Gould, Robert

Duer, Johnithan

Davis, Jessie D.

Davis, Augustus

Chronister, Dawn M.

Brickhaus, Margaret

Boren, Jerry and Linda

Bollerslev, Henning R.

Bean, David F.

Barrett, Michael R. and Susan J.

Steers, Krissty

Randy Entertainment

Outlaw Off Road Park

Nagel, Scott A.


Americana Companies Inc.

Lynn, Mark


Williams, Toni D., IRS

Bennett, David, IRS

Brown, Eric S. and Eclips School of Barbering and Cosmetology, IRS

Benson, Clyde S., IRS (2)

Alliance Recovery Agency Inc., IRS (2)

Brinson, Phillip A., IRS

Erlbacher, Deborah A.

Barker, Melisa (3)

Hasting, Amanda

Thrower, Misty D. (2)

CW Gentry Ventures Inc.

Drix Glass & Tinting Inc. (4)

Jessup Community Development

Engelhardt, Jennifer L. and Michael W.

Feher, Joel W. and Hollie A.

Maca, Charles and Lori

Nichols, Michelle L. and Stacy A.

Weber, David A. and Rhonda R.

Winkler, Christopher L. and Melissa N.

Winters, Claudia J. (2)

Spence, Donna

Henry, Christa L.

Old Horizon Inc.

Able Enterprises Inc.

Rhodes, Kimberly A. and Michael S.

Sides, Robert and Dora Wilson-Sides

Winters, Carrie A. and John T.

Jack Riley Insurance Agency (2)

Mikel, Debbie D.

Michel, Deborah S.

Lewis, Emma L.

Guilliams, Wade R.

Conrad, Neil L.

Clark & Sons Excavating LLC

Chadwell, Tim

Rosas Rivero, Fernando

Drake, Mary D. (deceased)

Barron, Tonya R. and Victor H.

Majeed, Asif

Majeed, Toni A.

Demopoulos, Amalie

Green, April

Arevalo, Deanna

Welker, Sally M.

BMS Marketing

Poole, Jeffery A.

Subramani, Vishnu

Purkey, Bobbie J.

Loya, Augustin

Rapp, Todd M.

Scott County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tom Dirnberger, recorder of deeds, during May are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 545-3551.


Adkisson, Peggy S.

Ag Tech Inc.

Anthony, Christopher D.

Billue, Donald S.

Bliefert, Randall L.

Bliefert, Randall L. and Teresa A.

Boulnois, Thomas H. III, IRS

Brandom, Norma L.

Brigman, Daniel B.

Buckner, Anita M.

Burton, Lindell J.

Chidester, Melvin R. (2)

Clark, Dwight

Collins, Brenda L.

Curtis, Don M.

Davis, Tim

Davis, Wayne L., IRS

Deprow, Sandra K.

Dodd, Reggie L.

Dunn, Bradley A. and Virginia

Essentially Yours Industries Inc.

Estes, Dennis L.

Raburn Evans Glass Service Inc. (2)

Faire, David L.

Fee, Gary W. and Melinda K.

Figliolo, Michael

Frederick, Mary W.

Freeland, Danny R.

Freeland, Tammie F.

Fuchs, Robert B.

G and D Communications Inc.

Gossett, Wilbert A.

Grayson, John J.

Grayson, John J. and Sherian M.

Greenlee, Anthony (U.S. District Court)

Grimes, Larry J.

Groves, Cynthia

Hadder, Barbara A.

Hadder, Steven A.

Halton, Jerri R.

Hamm, Christopher

Hamra, Stephen D.

Hart, David M.

Heckert, Joey

Hierholzer Communications Inc.

Higgins Acquisition Inc., et al, IRS

Hornback, Marty Jr.

James, Billy D. and Joann

Jeremiah's Inc., IRS

Johnson, Fabian C.

Jones, Johnny J.

Jones, Shelby K.

Kaiser, Matthew

Long, Jeffrey W.

M and M Finders and Keepers Inc.

Mansker, Allen C. and Susan E.

McDonough, Linda and Hugh

McIntosh, Billy W. and Angela

Mitchell, John P. (deceased)

Morgan, Martin D. and Katherine S.

Murphy, Robert

Newman, Austin

Newman, Katelyn B.

Patrick, James D., IRS

Rapien, James and Betty, IRS

Reddin, Darryl

Rice, Michael W. and Lisa M.

RMS Charleston Inc.

SBC Internet Services Inc.

Schott, Carl (deceased)

Seabaugh, Ronnie J. and Janet S.

Suire, Eugene T., IRS

Tipler, James L. and Teresa A.

Tumbleson Inc.

Ulrich, Jerry S.

Venture Products, et al, IRS

Walter, Scott A. and Sandy M.

Williams, Carrie

Woods, Zelma L. (deceased)

Wright, Arthur C.


Bootheel Excavation Inc.

Brinson, Phillip A., IRS

Brown, Robert J., IRS

Copeland, Deidre A.

Cox, James L.

G and D Communications Inc. (3)

Gettings, Sheila K.

Grojean, Jennifer M., IRS

Hadder, Barbara A.

Hadder, Steven A.

Heritage Gardens of Sikeston

Higgins Acquisitions Inc.

Holifield, Paul D.

Johnson, Thomas F. and Carol L., IRS

Kinsey, Greg H. (3)

Mock, Thomas D. Jr.

Nichols, Carissa N.

Parker, Mika D.

Perry, Darren W. and Kimberly J.

Pobst, Jason

Potashnick, Janie S., IRS (as heir -- federal estate tax)

Randle, Kevin M.

Sikeston Urgent Care PC (2)

Springs, Charles D. estate, IRS (federal estate tax)

Springs, Charles D., IRS (as heir -- federal estate tax)

Wilkison, Bryan H. and Melinda K.

Stoddard County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Kay Asbell, recorder of deeds, during May are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 568-3444.


Malloy, Jeffery

McGowen, Deborah

Bell, Christian L.

Buehler, Tony M.

Cookson, Brian L. (2)

McCollum, Jason L.

Myers, Mark W.

Wiley, Susie P.

Watkins and Sons Funeral Service Inc. (2)

Pullum, Robert A., IRS

Bridges, Bryon G.

Calhoun, Fritz A.

Freeman, Steve C.

Roberts, George

Sandlin, Calvin R., IRS

Gibson, Hughie O. II

Jones, Hiram L.

Jones, Matt E.

Lay, Robert

Allied Waste North American

Cloninger, Derrel L. Jr.

Vargo, Stephen E.


A to Z Auto and Muffler Inc. (2)

Griffith, Mark J.

Hare, Edgar

Reese, Michael R.

SF Trucking Inc.

Stevens, Nicholas, IRS

Gillespie, Sue

Goodale, Harold E.

Kirkman, Jimmie W.

Pixley, Anthony W.

Essex Onestop (2)

Jones, Hiram L.

Jones, Matt E.

Bohannon Enterprises

Reese, Michael R.

Wethington, Thomas

Reaves, Roy G.

Ellsworth, Joseph A. (2)

Watkins, Van M.

Gant, Joyce K.

Pitkin, Shawnda R.

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