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Bankruptcies filed through May for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Montgomery, Frankie J.10498
Henson, David O.10500

Butler County

Miller, Kenneth H. and Teresa J.10458
Thornburgh, William C. and Marguerite10466
Waddell, Heather M.10475
Lux, Christopher M. and Shashana10480
Patterson, Betrice A.10514
Saylors, John W. and Mona C.10545

Cape Girardeau County

McClellan, John L.10452
Freeman, Amanda L.10453
Brown, Margaret L.10454
Geiger, Roberta R.10461
Turner, Dennis W. and Gigi Y.10463
Rendleman, Alice R.10464
Holycross, Courtney L.10465
Moore, Jamie L. and Tonya J.10467
Bowles, Shannon W. and Kimberly A.10484
Elder, Cynthia G.10488
Coleman, Lisa A.10497
Whaley, Larry W. and Anna M.10499
Farris, Clifford C.10502
Thompson, Johnathan L.10508
Webb, James K. and Sarina A.10509
Medlock, Jessica M.10512
Williams, Jerry D. and Rose B.10513
Lane, Michael A.10524
Bounds, Gayle D.10525
Gunther, Naomi R.10527
Hosea, Claud and Betty L.10529
White, Vincent D. and Jennifer B.10531
Ulrich, Laura A.10532
Joyner, Bobby J. and Latrisha P.10546
Weibrecht, Rollin J.10548
Ives, Roger D. and Amy B.10549

Carter County

Seely, Donald D. and Terese A.10538
Reynolds, Robert R. and Melody K.10547

Dunklin County

Jackson, Jacqueline R.10456
Guijarro, Brittany N.10470
Jones, Michelle L.10471
Riggs, Joe W. and Dorothy10494
Grisham, Kenneth10495
Wake, Robert D. and Miranda L.10504
Richards, Sheila M.10550

Madison County

Morgan, James A. and Julia M.10451
Hawkins, John D.10485
Noble, Joshua B. and Amanda G.10493
Buxton, Gregory B. and Melina J.10501
Tarris, Marcel10505
McKee, Shelly M.10520
Rehkop, Ron A. and Debra L.10521
Wilkinson, Barbara S.10553

Mississippi County

Ivy, Percy L. and Annie J.10483
Fortner, James M. and Tammy A.10492
Everly, Franna R.10526
Salyer, Bill E.10539
Dixon, Tammy K.10542

New Madrid County

Dodd, Kylie B.10478
Graham, Betty J.10489
Meyer, Sara E.10506
Eppestine, Dennis M. and Leah M.10544

Pemiscot County

Hollabaugh, Marc and Katie10472
Smith, James A. and June E.10486
Hartwell, Max D.10528
Green, Rhonda S.10533

Perry County

Hicks, Kelley J.10462
Lawrence, Edward J.10477
Broussard, Weldon R. and Jacquelyn M.10496
Pullen, Christopher C. and Christina K.10530

Reynolds County

Johnson, Michael L. and Martha S.10519

Ripley County

Kallner, Donald H. and Cheryl A.10460
McElhaney, Gregory S. and Kristy L.10469
Hinton, Michele A.10503
Orick, Jerry R. and Linda L.10515
Beaman, Helen M.10516
Roberts, Misti M.10535

Scott County

Johnson, Phinezy and Amanda R.10457
St. Mary, William L.10474
Ancell, Keith R. and Tammy S.10476
Haynes, Dawn M.10479
King, Michelle D.10481
Williams, Marsha L.10490
Johnson, Ronald D.10491
Johnson, Shelby J.10507
Cassout, Christopher R. and Shana L. Osborn10511
Morgan, Donna E.10523
Schweain, Charles A. and Taryn B.10534
McClaine, Buddy A. and Dwana S.10543
Coonts, Michael J. and Margaret Lynn E.10552

Stoddard County

Lindemann, Sandra J.10455
Bennett, James C. and Amy S.10459
Latham, Donald E.10468
Dean, Susan E.10482
Hill, John W. and Jaimie L.10487
Stroud, Aaron E. and Whittnie D.10510
Allison, Joseph K. and Sebrina J.10541

Wayne County

Pichon, Joyce G.10473
Dean, Ciera D.10517
Goodman, Barry R.10518
Miriani, Gary C. and Kathryn D.10522
Lewis, Gerry L.10536
Lewis, Gerry L.10537
Pertell, Edward E. and Deborah L.10540
Pratt, Joshua M. and Ashley N.10551
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