Raindrops on a blade of grass

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sometimes in nature the simplest things make for good photography.

In this case I was unprepared for a sudden short-lived thunderstorm that filled the air with wind and water chasing me back to my truck.

I sat out the downpour and was about to drive away when the sky lightened and the rain stopped.

Rain changes the dynamics of outdoor photography.

Only minutes previous the subject shown here would have delivered a much less interesting image. But with the drops of rainwater hanging onto the hairs of the grass blade, a more satisfying picture has emerged and a better story is told.

Dew would have formed differently on the hairs of this grass blade, collecting more subtly at the ends of the tiny hairs.

This picture testifies that a moderate rain has just left the area.

If you venture out with your camera on such a day, don't overlook the opportunities that rain may offer.

Through the Woods is a weekly nature photo column by Aaron Horrell. Find this column at semissourian.com to order a reprint of the photo. Find more work by him at The Painted Wren Art Gallery, 5H N. Main St.

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