They're No. 1: Kevin Tew, Kelly High School valedictorian

Thursday, June 9, 2011
Kevin Tew, 2011 Kelly High School valedictorian (Kristin Eberts)

Kevin Tew

School: Kelly High School

Hometown: Trenton, Fla.

Parents: Cindy and Dennis Tew

Post-graduation plans: Attend Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo., to earn a bachelor's in mechanical engineering and a master's in explosives engineering.

Honors: Eagle Scout; Sikeston Elks student of the month; A Honor Roll, four years; Trigonometry Award; Calculus Award; Spanish II Award; Language II Award; World History Award.

GPA: 4.092

Favorite high school memory: FFA, ski trip.

Favorite teacher and why: Kathie Porter (kindergarten). She let me dig up a woolly mammoth bone.

Role model: It's hard to pick just one, but I'd have to say Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.

Summer plans: Working on a watermelon farm and vacation in Florida.

What will you miss about high school? Seeing my childhood friends every day.

Advice to incoming seniors: Challenge yourself and don't ever forget to account for variable change.

How will you make the world a better place? By loving what I do and sharing that enjoyment with others.

What your prop says about you: Since a young age, I've been a fan of anything that goes BOOM! I'm going to turn that into my profession.

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