Speak Out 6/9/11

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fan of disc golf

I share with another Speak Out caller an absolute adoration for Frisbee or, I prefer to call it, disc golf. If the weather is cooperative, I almost always play a round or two.

Will Cape ever learn?

FIRST it was the airport building and all the promises. We paid dearly and never received any of what they were promising. Now it is the casino. What Cape has received is a drop in the bucket of what is going to be taken out of our area. Oh yes, there will be more, but it still will just be a drop of the bucket that they will take in and send somewhere else. Cape is fooled again by so-called promises at a cost to the local people.


I'VE seen and read a lot, but I don't believe I've ever read anything as reprehensible as Republican Rep. Eric Cantor's rant holding up federal aid to tornado ravaged Joplin, Mo., until there are enough cuts from other programs in order to pay for it. Unfortunately, that kind of mind-boggling mean-spiritedness and cold-heartedness in the face of a natural disaster is indicative of all too many Republican wretches.

Palin's tough

I think the reason so many big politicians, especially in Washington, D.C., don't like Sarah Palin is because she has some of the big politicians in Alaska put into jail for their corruption. The politicians here in the states sure wouldn't like the chance of that happening to them because they are well qualified for it.

No anticipation?

REGARDING the need for appointments on the boards from our governor, not only has he had time since the terms expired, can he not anticipate the terms ending?

Lovers, not fighters

I lost my husband to cancer after 10 years and two children. My heart aches when I see couples bickering who have many blessings. Why is it we always lash out at the ones we love? Now I know why men have to stop at a bar to get courage to go home. Please find another way to relieve your stress. Don't hurt the one you love.

Let them party

I think the city should leave the college students alone. Let them party. At least they're not partying like they used to back in the 1970s, having beer wagons at all the local parks, county parks and everything. Just let them party. They're the ones making this town have the money. When they leave, we ain't got nothing.

Finders keepers

I'M very proud that the people of Dublin, Ireland, love our President Obama and his wife, Michelle, so much. I just hope that they love him enough that they keep him.

Bugs, bugs, bugs

THIS is about the bugs in Cape Girardeau. I know that it's not summer time officially yet, but you can hardly go outside without eating a gnat or mosquito and my poor little dog and I can't even enjoy the fresh air. If you try to take a walk, you either get a gnat up your nose or in your eyes or you end up swallowing one, and that's really disgusting. I just wish the city of Cape Girardeau would hurry up and go around with their little white truck and spray because it really is bad already. I'm sure it's due to the flood.

Abandoned boat

THERE'S been an abandoned sailboat in the Diversion Channel for at least half a year now. I'm just wondering, if a boat is abandoned and nobody's there taking care of it, is it legal to just take the boat? On the high seas, it is certainly legal to take a boat that has been abandoned on the high seas for over a week. This one has been abandoned for half a year. What's the legal ramifications?

Bailouts, Medicare

IT is silly to talk about the bank bailout when you cannot have your banks failing and the bank bailouts were a good thing. It kept our economy going and Obama did the correct thing doing this. Medicare, that's a whole different issue and it is something that's in trouble. So far Obama's not trying to do anything about it and it's probably he doesn't have an idea how to effectively deal with it, maybe it would be best if he doesn't. But you know, it's a problem if something isn't done and done effectively, it's a system that's going to fail. It's important that our banks and our country stay up and running and I'm grateful for this.

Reason for obesity

THIS is in regard to the schoolchildren being obese, the reason for it was in the baby boomer generation, there's only bread winner typically. The mom usually stays home and she ensured everybody had a good meal when they got home. People nowadays mom and dad both work because they've got to keep up with the Jones' and have a real fancy house, they don't want to be left behind. The children these days, they usually go to McDonald's, Burger King or Wendy's after school while both parents are working. They're just not exercising like they used to whenever the baby boomer generation did. They're just doing too many electronic devices or playing games on TV. They're not just getting out and exercising, outside, they're just taking the easy way out. That's why they're getting plump.

Connecting dots

ALAN Journet wrote in his article that we need to connect the dots concerning global warming. I connected to them and they went straight to Oregon where he now resides and that's where all the hot air is coming from.

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